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Devil May Cry 4


Bloody Palace

Unlock the Time Attack Mode, Bloody Palace.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Complete the game on Devil Hunter difficultyBloody Palace

Contributed By: xtherizzax.

Secret ending featuring Dante, Trish and Lady

Protect Kyrie during the ending credits battle

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Protect Kyrie for 1'30"Secret ending

Contributed By: Arkrex.

Super Costumes

Unlock Super Nero & Dante

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Beat Dante must Die modeSuper Dante
Beat Dante must Die modeSuper Nero

Contributed By: DEVILIX.

Unlockable art work

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Beat Dante Must Die modeDemon Invasion
Beat Hell or Hell modeLight from the Demon Blade
Beat Devil Hunter modeThe Cast
Beat Son of Sparda modeThe Demons; 12 publicity pictures
Beat Heaven or Hell modeThe Ladies of Devil May Cry
Beat Human or Devil Hunter modeThe Two Heroes; 29 character images

Contributed By: Arkrex.

Unlockable difficulty levels

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Beat Son of Sparda modeDante Must Die mode
Beat Son of Sparda modeHeaven or Hell mode
Beat Dante Must Die modeHell or Hell mode
Beat Devil Hunter modeSon of Sparda mode

Contributed By: Arkrex.



Complete each achievement to get the allotted gamerscore.

Clear mission 11 in Human Mode.A Comfortable Pace (10)
Clear all missions in Devil Hunter Mode with an S ranking.A Cut Above (30)
Clear all missions in Son of Sparda mode with an S rankingA Stunning Feat (40)
Clear all game modesA Throne of Glory (50)
Clear all missions in Dante Must Die modeAll Bow Before You (40)
Extend the Devil Trigger Gauge to maximum capacityBat Out of Hell (10)
Aquire 100,00 Proud SoulsBrimming with Pride (20)
Clear all Bloody Palace mode stagesCovered in Blood (40)
Clear all missions in Devil Hunter Mode.Done and Done (20)
Clear mission 11 in Dante Must Die modeEasier Said Than Done (10)
Clear all missions in Human Mode.Easy Does It (10)
Acquire 10,000 Proud Souls.Filled with Pride (10)
Clear mission 11 in Devil Hunter Mode.Half Way There (10)
Clear all missions in Son of Sparda modeHardly a Simple Task (30)
Aquire a Maximum of all itemsItem Collecter
Clear all Bloody Palace mode stages with an S rankingKing of the Palace (50)
Defeat a total of 10,000 enemiesLegendary Devil Hunter (50)
Extend the Vitality Gauge to maximum capacityModus Vivendi (10)
Clear all missions in Dante Must Die mode with an S rankingNever Say Die (50)
Clear all secret missionsNothing Left Unsaid (10)
Aquire 1,000,000 Proud SoulsProud Millionaire (40)
Aquire 1,000,000 Red OrbsRed Orb Millionaire (40)
Acquire 10,000 Red Orbs.River of Red (10)
Clear mission 11 in Son of Sparda modeRock and a Hard Place (10)
Defeat a total of 100 enemies.Rookie Devil Hunter (10)
Complete a mission with an S ranking.Simply Spectacular (10)
Aquire all of Dante's skillsSkill Collecter-Dante
Aquire all of Nero's skillsSkill Collecter-Nero
Defeat a total of 1,000 enemiesSkilled Devil Hunter (30)
Complete a Stylish Rank SSS (Smokin' Sick Style!!!) combo.Smokin' Sick Style!!! (10)
Complete a Stylish Rank SS (Smokin' Style!!) combo.Smokin' Style!! (10)
Complete a Stylish Rank S (Smokin'!) combo.Smokin'! (10)
Clear the game with Super Nero (Dante)Speak of the Devil (20)
Clear all missions in Heaven or Hell modeStep into the Light (10)
Clear all missions in Human Mode with an S ranking.The Best of the Rest (20)
Clear stage 80 of Bloody Palace modeThe Eight Circle (10)
Clear stage 50 of Bloody Palace modeThe Fifth Circle (10)
Clear stage 10 of Bloody Palace modeThe First Circle (10)
Clear stage 40 of Bloody Palace modeThe Fourth Circle (10)
Clear stage 90 of Bloody Palace modeThe Ninth Circle (10)
Clear stage 20 of Bloody Palace modeThe Second Circle (10)
Clear stage 70 of Bloody Palace modeThe Seventh Circle (10)
Clear stage 60 of Bloody Palace modeThe Sixth Circle (10)
Clear stage 30 of Bloody Palace modeThe Third Circle (10)
Clear all missions in Hell or Hell modeTonight, We Dine in Hell (10)
Aquire 100,000 Red OrbsYour Cup Runeth Over (20)

Contributed By: Guard Master and Blackfyre_.