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Rock Band

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Harmonix Speaks Out Against Trump Immigration Ban 02/01/17
Rock Band 4 Bringing Back Popular Songs as DLC to Celebrate Franchise's 10th Anniversary 01/04/17
You Can Now Import Rock Band 1's Soundtrack Into Rock Band 4 01/16/16
Rock Band Adds These Aerosmith Songs as DLC 10/19/15
Watch Rock Band Dev’s First Game Pitch, It’s Mad 90s 06/11/15
What System Should a New Rock Band Come To? Harmonix Wants to Know 07/18/14
Rock Band and Plastic Instruments Will Return on Xbox One and PS4, Harmonix Says 07/10/14
Rock Band, Dance Central Dev Harmonix Cuts 37 Jobs Amid "Restructuring" 05/29/14
System of a Down songs to be pulled from Rock Band DLC store 11/18/13
Viacom ordered to pay $299 million to Harmonix 07/17/13
Metallica songs yanked from Rock Band DLC as licensing agreements expire 04/09/13
Rock Band's last track will be 'American Pie' 03/22/13
Rock Band weekly DLC ends in April 02/18/13
Viacom ordered to pay $299 million to Harmonix 08/14/12
Start/Select - Kinect 2 Job Rumours, Rock Band Leaves iOS 07/25/12
ACMI Game Masters - Alex Rigopulos and Eran Egozy 07/01/12
Start/Select - Skyrim Modding, Black Ops 2, Rockband iOS 05/03/12
Rock Band iOS not shutting down 05/02/12
Harmonix wins additional $383 million from Viacom 01/03/12
EA slashes prices on iOS games Down Under 11/10/11
PAX 2011: Harmonix Reverses Q&A Panel 08/27/11
GSA Community Game Night: Rock Band Series 08/14/11
The Road to E3: Multiplayer 04/20/11
April Fools' Day Roundup 2011 04/01/11
Guitar Hero III top US title by revenue - NPD 03/24/11
Interview With Greg Lopiccolo From Harmonix 03/11/11
Rock Band to rock on, says Harmonix 02/10/11
MTV Games has 'ceased publishing operations' 02/07/11
MTV Games shuttered - Report 02/03/11
Rock Band developer sold off by Viacom 12/23/10
Rock Band developer's founders suing Viacom 12/21/10
Rock Band library nabs 2,000th tune next week 10/05/10
Bob Marley jammin' with Rock Band Sept. 21? 09/13/10
This Week on PlayStation Network - Knights, Rapture, and Tanks Video Feature 09/02/10
This Week on Xbox Live - Pre-Vegas Zombie Release and Rocket Knee Sledding Video Feature 09/02/10
This Week on PlayStation Network - A Future of Awesome Video Feature 08/28/10
This Week on Xbox Live - Brawling, Shanking, Blasting, and Flying Video Feature 08/26/10
This Week On Playstation Network - Lots of Air Combat, Stunts, and Trailers Video Feature 08/21/10
This Week on Xbox Live - Monday Night Combat and Mobsters from the '40s Video Feature 08/12/10
This Week on PlayStation Network - Video Feature 07/10/10
This Week on Xbox Live - Video Feature 07/08/10
This Week on PlayStation Network - Video Feature 07/03/10
This Week on Xbox Live - Video Feature 07/02/10
Creedence Clearwater Revival set for Rock Band 07/02/10
This Week on Xbox Live: 06/24/10 06/24/10
Rock Band drags down Viacom earnings, scores No Doubt album 04/30/10
Hendrix's Axis boldly spinning on Rock Band 03/26/10
Harmonix reviews Rock Band Network's opening act 03/13/10
Rock Band Network tunes in with more than 100 songs 03/04/10
Time Attack: Rhythm Games 02/21/10
This Week on Xbox Live: February 18, 2010 02/18/10
Jimi Hendrix headlining new Rock Band this year? 02/17/10
Viacom seeking Harmonix bonus refund 02/11/10
This Week on Xbox Live: January 21, 2010 01/21/10
This Week on PSN: 1/16/2010 01/15/10
This Week on Xbox Live January 14, 2010 01/14/10
Green Day: Rock Band coming next year 12/12/09
Harmonix hit by layoffs, Rock Band: Beatles sells 1M 12/10/09
Rock Band song library hits 1,000 11/25/09
Sports, music games exempt from ratings in latest UK bill 11/23/09
This Week on Xbox Live November 5, 2009 11/05/09
Rock Band franchise unprofitable in Q3 11/04/09
The Who: Rock Band set for 2010? 10/27/09
Gaming set to grow through August 2010 - Analyst 10/20/09
Xbox Live update adding news feed, music marketplace 10/19/09
Critter Crunch hits PS3 as NBA games tip off on PSP 10/08/09
Rock Band hits iPhone, iPod Touch this month 10/08/09
U2 reconsidering Rock Band project 10/07/09
Harmonix jams at Rock Band Network Panel 09/06/09
PAX 2009 Panel Coverage 09/05/09
Harmonix's LoPiccolo talks Rock Band Network 08/27/09
Spot On: The blind gaming the blind 08/24/09
Rock Band 3 in the works 08/21/09
Gorillaz, Joplin lead Rock Band store update 08/07/09
Pearl Jam's Backspacer tuning into Rock Band - Report 07/31/09
Rock Band Spinal Tap-ped 07/31/09
Blink 182, Weezer headline Rock Band store update 07/24/09
Rock Band getting user-made tracks 07/17/09
GameSpot Presents: Summer 2009 Gift Guide 06/30/09
THQ, Sony alumni join MTV Games 06/29/09
Rock Band gets Warped, Maroon-ed 06/19/09
Green Day dawns on Rock Band July 7 06/11/09
Green Day Rock Band coming by year's end? 06/10/09
Pepsi pops for free Rock Band songs 05/21/09
Rad Doll Kung Fu fights for free on PSN 05/15/09
Alice Cooper fronting Rock Band DLC 05/15/09
Rock Band goes whole hog into country music 05/12/09
Pearl Jam Rock Band project due next year 05/11/09
Jane's Addiction finally shocking Rock Band 04/24/09
Rag Doll Kung Fu Flocks to PSN 04/09/09
Rock Band officially Unplugged June 9 04/08/09
Quebec enforces bilingual game law 04/03/09
Star Trek beams up Rock Band promotion 04/01/09
Rock Band franchise joins $1 billion club 03/26/09
Boston, Rush, The Who headline Rock Band Classic Rock 03/23/09
GameSpot Presents: Spring 2009 Gift Guide 03/17/09
James Brown, AWB funk up Rock Band 03/13/09
Activision trademarks 'Sing Hero' 03/11/09
The Beatles: Rock Band dropping 9/9/09 03/05/09
Report: MTV Games, WMG enter licensing stalemate 03/04/09
Gibson Guitar Hero suit thrown out 03/02/09
Rock Band Wii drives Cars album 02/23/09
Noby Noby Boy, Zuma puzzled by PSN update 02/19/09
Rock Band 2 sales near 2 million, franchise ships 10 million 02/12/09
Call of Duty 4 tops BAFTA nominees 02/10/09
Snoop Dogg bumpin' onto Rock Band 02/10/09
Chinese Democracy elects Rock Band 02/06/09
EA suffers $641 million Q4 loss, increases layoffs to 11% 02/03/09
Grateful Dead truckin' again on Rock Band 01/23/09
Wii Rock Band store launches 01/14/09
Harmonix mulling song bundling 01/09/09
Halo Wars demo dated at Microsoft CES keynote 01/07/09
CES: No new Rock Band in '09 01/07/09
Halo 3 tops XBL activity in 2008 01/05/09
Rock Band inducts Roy Orbison 01/05/09
GameSpot's Best of 2008 Awards 12/19/08
Pearl Jam brings 10 from Ten to Rock Band 12/15/08
Rock Band tunes into Country 12/08/08
No Doubt assured Rock Band album DLC 12/05/08
GameSpot's 2008 Holiday Gift Guide 11/21/08
Rock Band kick pedal sparks lawsuit 11/21/08
Shippin' Out Nov. 16-22: Left 4 Dead, Animal Crossing 11/17/08
Rock Band hits 7M, rings up $574M in US 11/11/08
AU Shippin' Out November 3-7: Gears of War 2 11/02/08
Q&A: Harmonix on Beatles, AC/DC 10/31/08
EA laying off 6% of workforce 10/30/08
Beatles rocking all-new game in Q4 2009 10/30/08
WSJ: Beatles playing Rock Band's tune 10/29/08
Licensing to blame for Aussie Rock Band delay: Harmonix 10/28/08
Rock Band tunes in to Nirvana DLC 10/17/08
SOCOM confronts PSN update 10/16/08
Rock Band pages Dr. Feelgood 10/10/08
BioShock, Hell's Highway demoed on PSN 10/02/08
AC/DC subject of first group-centric Rock Band 09/30/08
Rock Band falls under Blood Sugar Sex Magik spell 09/26/08
WipEout HD, Burnout Paradise zip onto PSN 09/25/08
Rock Band coming to Australia 09/21/08
Rush's Moving Pictures set for Rock Band 09/19/08
GCA 2008: Q&A: EA Asia head Jon Niermann 09/18/08
Megadeth album thrashes onto Rock Band 09/12/08
Colbert croons to Rock Band 09/11/08
Rock Band price cut in Europe 09/08/08
Moving Pictures Rock Band DLC paused 08/27/08
Cover charge for Rock Band 2 song transfers 08/21/08
NPD: NCAA Football sacks July 08/14/08
Warner Music says game makers need to pay up 08/07/08
EA Q1 revs jump, losses tighten 07/29/08
E3 2008: 360 GH World Tour, Rock Band instruments 'totally compatible' 07/17/08
Konami sues Viacom over Rock Band 07/10/08
Rock Band Review: 8 / 10 07/02/08
Harmonix re-tunes The Who DLC 06/30/08
Rock Band plays tribute to Cruefest 06/27/08
Rock Band Gameplay Movie 4 06/24/08
Rock Band Gameplay Movie 3 06/24/08
Rock Band Gameplay Movie 2 06/24/08
Rock Band Gameplay Movie 1 06/24/08
Shippin' Out June 23-27: Bad Company, Guitar Hero DS 06/23/08
Report: Activision, MTV vying for Beatles rights 06/23/08
Rock Band big in Japan 06/02/08
Jimmy Buffett disturbed by Rock Band 05/30/08
Rock Band moving Motley Crue single 05/29/08
UK Shippin' Out May 23: Rock Band 05/23/08
Cars drive onto Rock Band 05/21/08
Video Q&A: Shane Kim on more Gears 05/14/08
PressSpotting: Rockin' out with MTV's Stephen Totilo 05/09/08
Rock Band DLC boxed for PS2, Wii 05/05/08
Rock Band jams 3M bundles, 10M downloads 05/02/08
Guitar Hero III finds Muse DLC next week 05/02/08
Q&A: Blind Guardian on music in games 05/02/08
Miyamoto tops Your Time 100 05/01/08
Report: Aerosmith only rocking Guitar Hero 04/30/08
Rock Band DLC Montage 04/21/08
Hands-on with Rock Band's first full album 04/21/08
PressSpotting: The April roundup 04/18/08
Judas Priest first Rock Band album DLC 04/18/08
Rock Band getting Euro price cut? 04/15/08
Rock Band Hands-On 04/15/08
Rock Band debuts Motley Crue single 04/14/08
Harmonix denies 'making a killing' on EU Rock Band 04/11/08
Harmonix: Wii need a hard drive 04/09/08
Europe May get Rock Band at last 04/08/08
Portal's 'Still Alive' gratis for Rock Band 03/31/08
Rock Band goes big for Boston 03/25/08
Gibson encores patent suit to Rock Band 03/24/08
Rock Band tours Wii on June 22 03/24/08
Rock Band DLC tops 6M, in-game music store opens 03/20/08
GameStop rakes in $7.1B in '07 03/18/08
Start/Select 14/03/08 03/14/08
NPD: February sees 34 percent US sales spike 03/13/08
Harmonix files, promptly withdraws suit against Activision 03/12/08
Harmonix rockin' out a $209 million bonus? 03/03/08
Grateful Dead arise with Rock Band DLC 02/29/08
D.I.C.E. 2008 Speaker Discussion: BioWare, Harmonix, and 2K Boston Panel 02/14/08
NPD: January game sales slip 6 percent, Wii and PS3 neck-and-neck 02/14/08
Shippin' Out February 11-15: Lost Odyssey, Professor Layton 02/11/08
D.I.C.E. '08: BioShock, Mass Effect, Rock Band devs dissect storytelling 02/08/08
11th Annual Interactive Achievement Awards - Part 5 02/08/08
11th Annual Interactive Achievement Awards - Part 4 02/08/08
11th Annual Interactive Achievement Awards - Part 1 02/08/08
Rock Band confirmed for Wii 01/31/08
BioShock takes Game Critics Awards top honors 01/31/08
EA reports record revs, delays Mercenaries 2 01/31/08
Analysts lay out '08 expectations 01/30/08
Rock Band instruments going solo Feb. 12 01/24/08
Rock Band GameSpot AU Video Feature 01/22/08
AIAS Award Show Trailer 01/18/08
Analysts parse December boon 01/18/08
Rock Band goes platinum, song sales top 2.5 million 01/17/08
BioShock throws D.I.C.E. award nominations 01/17/08
Analysts predict record December 01/14/08
CES Q&A: Albert Penello spins the 360 01/09/08
CES 2008: Nyko Booth Tour 01/08/08
CES 2008: Microsoft Xbox 360 Interview 01/08/08
CES 2008: Peavey Booth Tour 01/07/08
Mad Catz jamming with Rock Band 01/04/08
Rock Band adds Crowes, Skynyrd, Rush 01/02/08
Rock Band Review: 8 / 10 12/18/07
Shippin' Out December 17-21: NiGHTS, MX vs. ATV 12/17/07
Analysts respond to November sales 12/14/07
Activision: It's Harmonix's fault 12/13/07
Rock Band Hands-On--The PS2 Edition 12/13/07
Rock Band Gameplay Movie 4 12/13/07
Rock Band Gameplay Movie 3 12/13/07
Rock Band Gameplay Movie 2 12/13/07
Rock Band Gameplay Movie 1 12/13/07
NPD: November cooks up $2.63 billion in game sales 12/13/07
Harmonix: Activision squashes Rock Band patch 12/12/07
Halo 3 Time's Game of the Year 12/11/07
BioShock zaps VGAs 12/10/07
Culdcept demo leads new XBL content 12/04/07
Guitar Compatibility Charts 11/30/07
Is tomorrow's Clapton playing Guitar Hero? 11/28/07
Harmonix cops to Rock Band problems 11/28/07
Rock Band Video Review 11/20/07
Rock Band Review: 9 / 10 11/20/07
Shippin' Out November 19-23: Rock Band, Mass Effect, Uncharted 11/19/07
Rock Band DLC priced, detailed 11/14/07
Halo 3, BioShock top Spike TV noms 11/09/07
Rock Band Launch Center 11/07/07
Guitar Hero III, Rock Band battle handicapped 11/06/07
Q&A: GameStop's holiday 'power' play 11/05/07
Rock Band golden 11/05/07
GDC session list reveals new Harmonix project 10/31/07
Rock Band setlist revealed 10/29/07
Rock Band Official Trailer 1 10/26/07
Rock Band taking stage early 10/24/07
Unbundled Rock Band available at launch 10/22/07
Rock Band Exclusive - Rock Around the World 10/17/07
Rock Band Gameplay Movie 3 10/17/07
Rock Band Gameplay Movie 5 10/17/07
Rock Band Exclusive - Rock Around the World 10/17/07
Rock Band Gameplay Movie 4 10/17/07
Report: Rock Band bundled up 'til '08 10/15/07
Game Watch '07: 30 Must-Have Games 10/10/07
GameSpot Players' Ball 10/10/07
Rock Band Stage Demo 2 10/09/07
$169 Rock Band on November 23 09/28/07
PS2 Rock Band touring NA in '07 09/27/07
Rock Band Hardware Q&A 09/17/07
NPD: US game industry could hit $18B in '07 09/14/07
Rock Band Official Movie 2 09/12/07
GameStop: Casual gamers spurring hardcore holiday sales 09/11/07
Rock Band Interview 2 09/07/07
Rock Band going on tour 09/06/07
On the Spot - EA Studio Showcase 2007 09/05/07
Rock Band Gameplay Movie 1 09/05/07
Rock Band Summer Showcase Update 09/05/07
Rock Band digs up Grateful Dead 09/05/07
Spot On: PAX 2007 08/27/07
Microsoft PAX 2007 Booth Tour 08/26/07
Rock Band stage demo from PAX 2007! 08/26/07
PAX '07: Day 1 wrap-up 08/25/07
Games Convention award noms named 08/22/07
GC '07: Rock Band coming to PlayStation 2 08/22/07
MTV devotes $500 million to games 08/16/07
Retail Radar: Sega's Viking, Rock Band release date 08/15/07
No Rock Band this Christmas down under: RedOctane founder 08/14/07
EA's Q1 earnings slip 4 percent 08/01/07
Rock Band tops Game Critics Awards 08/01/07
Nirvana's Nevermind in Rock Band? 07/30/07
Rock Band Stage Demo 07/14/07
Peter Dille Interview 07/12/07
Phil Harrison Interview 07/12/07
Rock Band Video Feature 1 07/11/07
E3 '07: Metallica, album downloads to rock Rock Band 07/11/07
Rock Band Official Movie 1 07/11/07
E3 '07: EA shows off Boogie, Rock Band, new Wii games 07/11/07
Rock Band Interview 1 07/11/07
E3 '07: EA lines up slate 07/11/07
Microsoft E3 2007 Press Conference 07/10/07
E3 '07: Rock Band Stage Demo Impressions 07/10/07
Rock Band Hands-On 07/05/07
Retail Radar: Rock Band guitar revealed 06/19/07
NewsSpots: PlayStation Store, Rock Band, Shadowrun, more 06/07/07
Behind the Games: Alex Rigopulos 06/04/07
Harmonix donates to help fansite in need 05/24/07
Rock Band to jam on Wii? 05/11/07
Rock Band plays nice with Fender 05/07/07
Retail Radar: Rock Band accessories 04/03/07
Harmonix forms Rock Band 04/02/07
Q&A: Rockin' out with Rock Band 04/02/07
GDC 07: EA to publish Harmonix-MTV game 03/07/07