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The Simpsons Game


Unlock costumes and trophies

Enter the code while at the main menu. Costumes can be used and trophies viewed during the current gameplay session only.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Dpad Right, Dpad left, X, X, Y, Right thumb stick (push in)Unlock all Bart's costumes and trophies
Dpad Left, Dpad Right, Y, Y, X, left thumb stick (push in)Unlock all Homer's costumes and trophies
X,Y,X,X,Y,left thumb stick (push in)Unlock all Lisa's costumes and trophies
Y X Y Y X Right thumb stick (push in)Unlock all Marge's costumes and trophies

Contributed By: AlexPot98, BoricuaAce, RyGuy3500, and muguardian.

Easter Eggs

Futurama's Fry

When not doing a mission and wondering about Springfield, enter the police station and towards the back of the police station, not in a cell is a notice board, and if you look really carefully at it, you can see a picture of Phillip J. Fry from Futurama. It should be on a notice board saying he's missing. Have fun!

Contributed By: Tnee16.



Complete each of the following achievements below to get the allotted gamerscore.

Finish The Day of the DolphinA Passive Fish (15)
Win time challenge for Five Characters in Search of an AuthorBack to the Futurama (5)
Finish Around the World in 80 BitesBurger Victory (10)
Finish Lisa the Tree HuggerBurns Baby Burns (10)
Win every time challengeChallenger (50)
Win time challenge for The Land of ChocolateChocolate Heaven (5)
Finish The Land of ChocolateChocolate Victory (10)
Finish Game OverCloud Nine (100)
Win time challenge for Shadow of the Colossal DonutClown Around (5)
Finish every episode, find every collectible, and discover every Video Game Cliché MomentComplete Package (150)
Finish Grand Theft ScratchyDoggie Dazed (25)
Find all of Lisa's Malibu Stacy SealsDoll Crazy (50)
Finish NeverQuestDragon Slayer (25)
Find all of Homer's Duff Bottle CapsDufftacular Finish (50)
Win time challenge for Enter the CheatrixEngine Fun (5)
Beat every episode target timeFast Times (50)
Finish Mob RulesFight the Power (10)
Find all of the collectibles in SpringfieldGoes to 11 (30)
Find all of Marge's Try-n-Save CouponsHairs to You (50)
Win time challenge for Game OverHeavenly Joy (5)
Get a perfect score on the final Boss battleHeavenly Score (20)
Finish Bartman BeginsHeist Hijinx (10)
Win time challenge for Grand Theft ScratchyHot Coffee (5)
Win time challenge for Big Super Happy Fun Fun GameMaki Roll Mania (5)
Win time challenge for Invasion of the Yokel-SnatchersMall Rising (5)
Finish Shadow of the Colossal DonutMmm Donut (15)
Win time challenge for NeverQuestMy Precious (5)
Win time challenge for The Day of the DolphinNice Cans! (5)
Finish Five Characters in Search of an AuthorOn the Matt (40)
Find all of Bart's Krusty Kollectible KouponsPoster Paster (50)
Finish Enter the CheatrixPower Up! (15)
Easiest achievement...everPress START to Play (5)
Dude, need help? You've died, like, 10 times...Pwnd (0)
Finish Bargain BinSave the Simpsons (15)
Win time challenge for Medal of HomerShooters Rejoice (5)
Win time challenge for Bargain BinSim Sandwich (5)
Finish Big Super Happy Fun Fun GameSparkling Defeat (25)
Win time challenge for Mob RulesSteady Mobbin' (5)
Win time challenge for Around the World in 80 BitesTable Smasher 2000 (5)
Finish Invasion of the Yokel-SnatchersThe Alienator (15)
Win time challenge for Bartman BeginsUp and Atom (5)
Finish Medal of HomerVictory at Sea! (25)
Win time challenge for Lisa the Tree HuggerWood Chippin' (5)
Find all of the Video Game Cliché MomentsWorst Cliché Ever (50)

Contributed By: Guard Master.