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Silent Hill: Homecoming


Young Alex Costume

At the press start screen if you input this code you will unlock the young Alex Costume.

Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, BUnlocks Young Alex Costume

Contributed By: RX_SA.


Endings *SPOILERS*

Here is what Alex has to do to unlock the endings in the game.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Don't forgive your father, don't kill your mother, and don't save Wheeler."Bogeyman" Ending
Don't forgive your father, but do kill your mother."Drowning" Ending
Forgive your father and kill your mother out of mercy."Good" Ending
Forgive your father and don't kill your mother."Hospital" Ending
Similiar to the Bogeyman ending. Don't forgive your father, don't kill your mother, BUT do save Wheeler."UFO" Ending

Contributed By: ninjarza.

Extra Costumes

Unlock these costumes for Alex after beating these certain endings.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Unlocked by getting the "Bogeyman" EndingBogeyman a.k.a. Pyramid Head Helmet
Unlocked by getting the "UFO" EndingDeputy Alex
Unlocked by getting the "Drowning" EndingOrder Soldier Outfit
Unlocked by getting the "Hospital" EndingOrderly Alex
Unlocked by getting the "Good" EndingTrucker Alex

Contributed By: ninjarza.

Extra Weapons

To unlock two new weapons, beat the game at least once.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Can be found in the garage at the Shepard's family homeCircular Saw
Can be found in Joshua's room, on top of his foot locker after obtaining the UFO endingLaser Pistol

Contributed By: Famished_Corpse.

Easter Eggs

Extra Scene.

Collect all the photos and you will see a extra scene after the credits end.

Contributed By: animamundus.



Complete each achievement to get the allotted gamerscore.

Defeated 1 NurseAlchemilla's Finest (10)
Alex doesn't forgive fatherAngela's Choice(20)
Defeat ScarletBlood Donor(50)
Defeat AsphyxiaCatch Your Breath(50)
Defeated 1 SmogClear the Air (10)
Alex could not end his mother's sufferingCompassion (20)
Defeated 1 SwarmCreeper Reaper (10)
Defeated 1 FeralEddie's Legacy (10)
Alex forgives his fatherForgiveness (20)
Defeat AmnionHead Above Water(50)
Found all SerumsHealth Junkie (50)
Achieve ending 2In Water(50)
Achieve Ending 4Intensive Care (50)
Found ALL PhotosJosh's Gallery (50)
Achieve Ending 3Judgement (50)
Found 1 SerumKaufmann's Handiwork (10)
Found RifleLock 'n' Load (25)
Defeated 1 LurkerLurk No More (10)
alex ended his mothers sufferingmercy(20)
Achieved Ending 5No Dogs Allowed (50)
Saved WheelerNow about those drinks (25)
Found all the Children's DrawingsNursery Rhymes (50)
Defeated 1 Order memberOut of Order (10)
Found Circular SawRising Tension (25)
Found Laser PistolScience Fiction (25)
Defeated 1 SiamShades of James (20)
Found 1 PhotoSightseeing (10)
Defeat SepulcherSix Feet Under (20)
Achieve Ending 1Smile! (50)
Defeated 1 SchismSplit Personality (10)
Complete game on HARD difficulty.The Old Gods... Haven't Left This Place (100)
Defeated 1 NeedlerTo The Point (10)

Contributed By: Guard Master, airbadzine, orphen24, WhySoCErious, Berserker, Yggdrassill, and DigitalSpooker.