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Disney/Pixar Toy Story 3


Access enchanted glen early

In co-op most mode as buzz and woody or Jesse, got to the area just to the right of the Glen door. (There is a box with a rainbow) Get buzz to throw the other character higher than the rainbow chest, and make woody/Jesse constantly jump until they get onto an invisible platform. They can now walk fowards, fall into the glen area, do the missions early, and use the well to escape.

Contributed By: DeepFriedBurger.



Hit 15 Paratrooper targetsAirborn Ranger
Finished "Fair Play"Carnival Conqueror
Purchase Lotso's Enchanted GlenCuddly Town
Finished "To Infinity and Beyond"Defeat Zurg
Earn a bronze medal in a vehicle challengeFirst Bronze
Earn a gold medal in a vehicle challengeFirst Gold
Buy a toy from the Toy StoreFirst Sale
Earn a silver medal in a vehicle challengeFirst Silver
Defeat Mayor Hamm in the Woody's Roundup boss battleGive Me My Gold Back
Collect all the Gold StarsGold Super Star
Find all the Regular CardsHolding all the Cards
Finished "Hide-N-Sneak"Making a break for it
Explored all the objects on the mapMapnipulator
Finished "Trash Thrash"Mashing the Masher
Collect all of Andy's MemorabiliaMemories
Finished "Muffin to Fear"Muffin Massacre
Find all the hidden aliensNo Claw Required
Blow up the dam and expand your townNo Swimming
Rescue all the orphans on the TrainNo Toy Left Behind
Finished "Hold the Phone"Off the Hook
Complete all Toy Camera missionsPhotojournalist
Complete 1 disc of Pict-O-Matic missionsPict-O-Amateur
Find all 6 discs of Pict-O-Matic missionsPict-O-Collector
Complete all Pict-O-Matic missionsPict-O-Master
Find all the Special CardsReally holding all the cards
Save Mayor Hamm from the banditsRescue Space Ranger
Finished "Witch Way Out"Rocket Launcher
Finished the Prison Break without ever tripping an alarmSneaky Sneaky
Reach Zurg’s base without losing all your healthSpace Ranger Elite
Purchase Sid's Haunted HouseSpooky Town
Gather every collectible in the gameThe Collector
Purchase Zurg's SpaceportTo Infinity...
Find all the hidden townspeopleTownspeople Hunter
Purchase every item in the Toy StoreToy Collector
Finished "Loco Motives"Train Catcher
Achieve gold on all carnival gamesTrue Carny
Collect all of Zurg's PartsWe can rebuild him
Finish the Woody's Roundup tutorialsWelcome to Town

Contributed By: R351D3NT3V1L4 and Guard Master.