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Galaga Legions


Unlockable Skins

After you complete the areas listed below (in either Adventure mode or Championship mode), you'll unlock the corresponding skin. You can then select any of the skins you've unlocked when you begin any new game thereafter. Note: You begin the game with Original and Vintage.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Clear Area 1Ancient
Clear Area 2Hardcore
Clear Area 3Super Hardcore

Contributed By: ParadiseRegaind.



Complete each achievement to get the allotted gamerscore.

Cleared Area 2 in Adventure mode!Adventure Area 2 Clear (10)
Cleared Area 3 in Adventure mode!Adventure Area 3 Clear (20)
Cleared Area 4 in Adventure mode!Adventure Area 4 Clear (30)
Cleared all areas in Adventure mode!All Adventure Areas Clear (50)
Cleared all areas in Championship mode!All Championship Areas Clear (25)
Cleared Area 1!Area 1 Clear (5)
Cleared Area 2!Area 2 Clear (5)
Cleared Area 3!Area 3 Clear (10)
Cleared Area 4!Area 4 Clear (10)
Cleared Area 5!Area 5 Clear (15)
Area cleared without losing a single fighter!One Life Only (15)
Area cleared without deploying any satellites!Zero Deployments (5)

Contributed By: Guard Master.