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Super Street Fighter II Turbo Pinball FX


Enter the world warrior championship and fight your way up to challenge M. Bison himself. FIGHT! - Complete a combo beloning to Chun-Li, Ryu, Ken, or Guile to choose a fighter (watch the flashing sings on the lower playfield), then lock the ball in his/her locker to start a fight. Use the ramps and the orbit, but avoid the bumpers and the targets during the fight. BLANKA'S RAGE - Hit Blanka's ramp repeatedly within a short period of time and light the letters of CHARGE, a two-ball multiball mode starts. During this mode JACKPOTS are available. BRAWL - The car c an be smashed by hitting the SMASH targets, and after doing that three balls can be locked into the cargo plane to start a three-ball multiball. During this mode JACKPOTS and SUPER JACKPOTS are available. SPAR WITH AKUMA - Start a sparring match with Akuma by hitting the left ramp five times. Practice develops internal energies: each hit lamp of CHI buffers a hit received in FIGHT! mode. SPINNING LARIAT - Hit the bumpers for Zangief's Spinning Lariat move, then repeat it til he becomes dizzy, and knock him out to earn an EXTRA BALL! BARREL BREAKER - Start a barrel rolling by shooting the targets behind the vertical up-kicker (VUK), then soot the ball in the opened VUK to break that barrel. Break more barrels in a row to earn more points and even an EXTRA BALL! WALL CRUMBLER - Hit the bullseye pin without hitting the ring on the bullseye target to crumble the brick wall and activate a kickback. KEN FAN CLUB - Each ball jumping on the yacth puts a fan on board. If the yacht is full, the KEN FAN CLUB bonus will be the award. SHADALOO HUNTER - Orbit shots light the letters of POLICE. When fully lit, help Chun-Li by shooting the Cammy image on the roto-targets while avoiding the civlians. The roto-targets can be spun with orbit shots.
Release Date: November 13, 2008

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