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Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode I


Avatar Awards

These can be used on both a male or female avatar.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
After collecting the 7 Chaos Emeralds, defeat the final boss 1 more timeSonic Costume (Body)
Collect all rings during the ending of the final stageSonic Costume (Head)

Contributed By: Zonic505.



Defeat the final boss and view the ending.All Stages Cleared!
Upload your recorded scores and clear times for all stages.Contender
Defeat a boss for the first time.Crush Dr. Eggman
Defeat 1,000 enemies.Enemy Hunter
Clear all Acts as Super Sonic.Golden Flash
Build up 99 or more extra lives.Immortal
Collect all the Rings in 'Special Stage 1' and Clear the stage.Ring Collector
Clear SPLASH HILL ZONE ACT 1 in less than a minute.Speed's My Game
Acquire all seven Chaos Emeralds.Super Sonic Genesis
Acquire a Chaos Emerald.The First Chaos Emerald
Clear SPLASH HILL ZONE, ACT 1.The Story Begins
Clear the E.G.G. STATION ZONE without taking any damage.Untouchable

Contributed By: Guard Master.

Secret Items

Bonus Stages and Chaos Emeralds

Complete any level with 50 rings and a giant ring will appear just behind the level end sign. Jump into this ring and you will go to a bonus stage. At the end of each bonus stage is a chaos emerald. Only one emerald can be collected from any stage, after which the giant ring will stop appearing.

Contributed By: VinceyPie.