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Darksiders II


Avatar Awards

There are 3 avatar awards obtainable in Darksiders 2, here is how to unlock them:

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Complete the game on any difficulty and unlock the "A Stroll in a Demonic Park" achievement.Darksiders Art Shirt
Defeat the Crowfather and unlock the "Crow Carrion" achievement.Darksiders Logo Cap
Complete the Crucible and unlock the "Is There Anyone Else?" achievement.Death Mask

Contributed By: Disturbed_9090.

Chaos Fang

The Chaos Fang (a level 1 scythe that boost critical damage) can be unlocked by having beaten the first Darksiders game on the same platform.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Beat DarksidersChaos Fang

Contributed By: Chainsaw128.

Paudron of the Horsemen

If you have played the first Darksiders on the same system you play Darksiders 2 on you can obtain a level 5 armor called the "Paudron of the Horsemen" Seek out Mryia the Shaman(dressed in light blue) on the east side of Tri-Stone talk to her and she will give it to you.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
If you have played the first Darksiders on the same system you play Darksiders 2 on you can obtain a level 5 armor called the "Paudron of the HorsemenPaudron of the Horsemen

Contributed By: Lemjor10.



Complete the game on any difficulty settingA Stroll In The Demonic Park
Complete the game on APOCALYPTICA True Horseman
Open all Death TombsAbracadabra
Complete Sticks and StonesAll You Can Eat Buffet
Complete Lost RelicsAntiquing
Unlock EverythingBFA
Defeat Wicked KBravo Old Chap
Collect the Interdiction StoneBy Your Command
Complete City of the DeadCity of the Dead
Defeat ArchonClipped Wings
Defeat the CrowfatherCrow Carrion
Collect the Soul SplitterDeath Will Tear Us Apart
Unlock the final skill in either skill treeDiamond Geezertron
Defeat the GuardianDust to Dust
Death Reaches Level 30Epic!
Level Up Your 1st Possessed WeaponFeeding Time
Complete Fire of the MountainFire of the Mountain
Complete the game on NORMALFour My Brother
Unlock All Combat Moves & UpgradesFull Potential
Complete GnoMADGnomad
Unlock Reaper FormGrim Reaping
Complete Heart of the MountainHeart of the Mountain
Collect the VoidwalkerI Can Has Cake?
Defeat the Soul ArbiterI've Brought You A Gift
Complete The CrucibleIs There Anyone Else?
Defeat SamaelIt's Not Over
Defeat the four creatures named by ThaneLike a Noss
Collect RedemptionLooks Familiar
Complete Lord of the Black StoneLord of the Black Stone
Equip elite items to all slotsMass Ruckus
First use of Fast TravelPathfinder
Gift An Item To A FriendPay It Forward
Your First RespecRespec Yourself
Defeat The Wailing HostSoul Crushing
Complete Stains of HeresyStains of Heresy
Collect the PhasewalkerTearing Time A New One
Complete Tears of the MountainTears of the Mountain
Defeat AbsalomThe Big Boss
Complete The Book of the DeadThe Book of the Dead
Defeat BasileusThe Court of Bones
Complete The Lord of BonesThe Lord of Bones
Complete The Mad QueenThe Mad Queen
Complete The Rod of ArafelThe Rod of Arafel
Open The Well Of SoulsThe Root Of Corruption
Complete all Secondary QuestsThe Secondary Adventure
Collect DeathgripThe Spectral Touch
Complete The Toll of KingsThe Toll of Kings
Complete 3 different high dives in the FoundryThe Triple Lindy
Complete To Move a MountainTo Move a Mountain
Complete Tree of LifeTree of Life

Contributed By: Guard Master.