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Monday Night Combat


Avatar Awards

These are unlocked by doing various things in the game, and can be equipped to your Xbox LIVE avatar by going to the "Customize Avatar" section of the dashboard.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Meet the mascot in the tutorialMascot Mask
Complete "Exhibition" Blitz modeMonday Night Combat Shirt

Contributed By: ExtremePopcorn.



Achieve a Triple Kill3-fer
Complete "Playoff" Blitz modeAll Star
Achieve a kill on an opposing player while they are upgrading skills in a Crossfire matchCaught 'em Nappin'
Complete "The Scramble" Blitz modeElusive
Complete "Exhibition" Blitz modeExhibitor
Achieve a pancake on an opposing player using the Gunner's Ground Slam abilityFlapjack Master
Achieve 10 grapple kills in a Crossfire matchGrappler
Achieve a 3 kill streak in a Crossfire matchHot Streak
Achieve Most Valuable Player in a Crossfire MatchMVP
Achieve a Ring Out during a Crossfire matchOutta My House!
Achieve 15 kills in a Crossfire MatchSacker
Complete "Season" Blitz modeSeasoned Veteran

Contributed By: Guard Master.