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Quest of Dungeons



Complete the required tasks to unlock each Achievement and Gamerscore.

Disarm a trap that has loot!Beat the odds!
Defeat a BossDangerous path
Beat Game in EasyEasy breezy?
Find 50 hidden stashEvery corner
Beat Game in 30mFly you fool!
Beat Game with AssassinFrom a distance
Defeat 3 ghosts of a past HeroGhost from the Past
Collect 500k GoldGold Collector
Beat Game in HardHow hard can it be?
Unlock ChestI have the key
Beat Game in HellIs this Hell?
Unlock a doorKey Master
Listen carefully!Listen Closely
Complete a questPaper boy
Beat Rackan MansionRevenge of the Jellies
Beat Game with NecroDancerRock on!
Buy all stockShopaholic
Beat Game in NormalSome challenge
Beat a Custom game in Hard or above with 10 floorsThe Architect
Beat Game with WizardThe mana within
Beat 20 BossesThe Slayer!
Beat Game with ShamanTrickery
Beat Game with WarriorWillpower
Complete 50 questsYou have 50 jobs

Contributed By: Sour.