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Dishonored 2


Xbox Achievements for Dishonored 2

Visited the pastA Night in 1849
Eliminated 10 enemies with Drop AssassinationAcrobat
Finished an entire mission with no casualtiesAlternative Approach
Acquired all collectible paintingsArt Collector
Robbed a black market shopBlack Market Burglar
Cast Possession once, chaining between human, hound, rat, fish, and bloodflyCircle of Life
Completed the game without killing anyoneClean Hands
Obtained numbered plates for 3 Clockwork SoldiersClockwork Collector
Chatted with Dr. Hypatia aboard the Dreadful WaleCounter-serum
Found the hidden balcony passagewayDilapidation
Eliminated Duke Luca AbeleDown with the Duke
Completed the game in high chaosEmpire in Chaos
Cracked the Jindosh Lock without finding the solution elsewhereEureka
Sided with the Overseers in the Dust DistrictFaithful to the Abbey
Robbed Galvani multiple timesFamiliarity Breeds Contempt
Killed an enemy with their own bulletFatal Redirect
Dropped from Addemire’s highest point, taking out an enemy belowFearless Fall
Completed the game without supernatural powersFlesh and Steel
Drained the water and recovered the RuneFlooded Basement
Saved the Printer of the Dunwall CourierFreedom of Speech
Paid tribute to Jessamine one last timeGazebo
Finished an entire mission without being spottedGhostly
Used the Heart to listen to the secrets of 40 different peopleHeart Whispers
Eliminated 6 enemies in less than 1.5 secondsHeartbeat Reaper
Sided with the Howlers in the Dust DistrictHowlers ’til the End
Recovered your signet ringImperial Seal
Completed the game in low chaosIn Good Conscience
Reached KarnacaJewel of the South
Found Anton Sokolov in the Clockwork MansionLabyrinthine Mind
Stole a corpse for Mindy BlanchardMorbid Theft
Crafted 10 BonecharmsOccult Carver
Listened to the voices of the Sisters of the Oracular OrderOracular Echoes
Killed Paolo three timesPlace of Three Deaths
Eliminated 20 unaware enemiesRogue
Perused all journals and audiographs by Meagan Foster and Anton Sokolov aboard the Dreadful WaleRoyal Spymaster
Finished the game without being spottedShadow
Eliminated Jindosh without him ever knowing you were thereSilence
Scored a headshot while slidingSliding Marksman
Found 3 musical duos across Karnaca, and listened to their songsSongs of Serkonos
Collected all the decorative objects for the Dreadful WaleSouvenirs
Took Delilah’s soulSpirit Thief
Stopped the Grand Guard from pushing a citizen into the Wall of LightStay of Execution
Dealt with Dr. Alexandria HypatiaThe Beast Within
Finished the game with Emily KaldwinThe Empress
Saved your last known family memberThe Greatest Gift
Linked 2 characters with Domino just before one killed the otherThe Lovers
Finished the game with Corvo AttanoThe Royal Protector
Obtained Stilton’s Master Key from under the table, with the guards there conscious & unalertedUnder the Table
Found 60% of available lootWell Funded
Heard Meagan Foster’s storyYears Ago, Another Time

Contributed By: idrivefast999.