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Complete each requirement to earn the Achievement and it's respective Gamerscore.

Find all of the Energy Rifle AttachmentsAffinity Matrix
Max out a friendly Corebot to level 30All Grown Up
Collect 50000 E-TurnerAll The Monies
Defeat Victor at the bottom of the E-TowerAnd Stay Down!
Find all Hardware pickups in the Lonely Basin after Plyon 512 is repairedBargain Basin
Complete all Hunting Challenges in one categoryBig Game Hunter
Cause over 10000 Damage in one hitCharged Up
Upgrade Joule's Energy RifleColor Cannon
Extract 25 CoresCore Catcher
Extract 50 CoresCore Collector
Extract 100 CoresCore Connoisseur
Use every Lethal combinationCore Swapper
Find all Hardware pickups in The CradleCradle Robber
Find All of Julius Roldán's log book entriesDescent into Madness
Level Up a CorebotDing!
Outfit a Corebot with a completed Part Set of any typeDressed For Success
Dig up 20 items using a K-9 FrameDune Demolisher
Find All of Natalie Bright's log book entriesDust Devil
Complete the Granite StepsEnd of the Beginning
Find all Hardware pickups in the Shifting SandsExclusion Zoner
Find All of Violet's log book entriesFor the Revolution!
Put Mack into a non K-9 FrameIdentity Crisis
Complete all Story MissionsJourney's End
Achieve a Combo of 20Juggler
Use a Fast Travel stationLet's Do This, Violet!
Glide for 20 continuous seconds using an FL1-R FrameLight As A Feather
Max out Joule's Energy Rifle levelLocked And Loaded
Find All of Thomas Adams's log book entriesLove You, Kiddo
Achieve a Combo of 40Master Juggler
Kill an enemy by Color MatchingMatched!
Upgrade Joule's health to its maximumNever Felt Better
Reach Far Eden TowerParadise Central
Find all the Prismatic CoresPrismatic Perfection
Perform an instant extractRapid Removal
Make a FL1-R FrameReady for Takeoff
Find the entrance to Pylon 512Safe Harbor
Dig up 10 items using a K-9 FrameSand Scratcher
Complete the Core FoundrySo You're Victor
Complete every Dungeon onceSpelunker
Perform 20 instant ExtractionsSticky Fingers
Use Core Fusion to increase a stat on any CoreStronger And Stronger
Restore power to Pylon 512Terraformer
Smash something using the AP-3 FrameThat'll Leave a Mark
Find Every Blueprint setThe Architect
Seth joins Joule's CrewThe More The Merrier
Duncan joins Joule's CrewThree's Company
Complete the WarrenToxic Transit
Max out one friendly Core through Core FusionWell Fed
Craft 10 PartsWorkbench Adept
Craft a PartWorkbench Apprentice
Craft 25 PartsWorkbench Artisan
Craft 50 PartsWorkbench Wonder
Extract a Core from an enemyYoink!

Contributed By: furiouspenguin.