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Earth's Dawn


Xbox Achievements - Earth's Dawn

Clear Mission - MotherstarDemise
Obtain S Rank in 60 missionsElite Troops
Clear mission - End of the LineEnd of the Line
Clear Mission - Underground InvasionFiery Hell
Clear Mission - Advance into DarknessGroping in the Dark
Clear Mission - BreakthroughHumanity's Desperate March
Clear Mission - Star-devouring SnakeHungry Snake
Clear Mission - Demonic MountainInto the Tempest
Clear Mission - Empty DeathInvitation to Death
Clear mission - Missing Person SearchMissing Person Search
Clear Mission - Mocking LaughterNested
Save the planet from the threat of invaders.New Dawn
Clear Mission - Assault StrategyNo Holding Back
Clear Mission - ChillyOdious Tracker
Clear Mission - Watch for the FistsRockfall Warning
Clear all free missionsSpecial Medal
Learn all skillsSuperhuman
Clear mission - The Beginning of the EndThe Beginning of the End
Clear Mission - Icicle TowerTowering Shadow
Defeat a total of 2000 enemiesUnequaled

Contributed By: idrivefast999.