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Euro Fishing



Catch 100 fishBig Haul
Catch 50 CarpCarp-tastic
Catch 50 TenchGetting Tench
Catch 50 fishI'm Hooked
Catch a fish over 40 kg (90 lbs)Lake Monster Hunter
Catch 50 BreamLiving the Bream
Lose 25 fishMugged Right Off
Catch a specimen BreamSpecimen Bream Hunter
Catch a specimen CarpSpecimen Carp Hunter
Catch a specimen CatfishSpecimen Catfish Hunter
Catch a specimen RoachSpecimen Roach Hunter
Catch a specimen TenchSpecimen Tench Hunter
Catch 50 CatfishTop Cat
Catch 50 RoachWay of the Roach
Need to catch your first fishWhat A Beauty!

Contributed By: KeyBlade999.