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Elite Dangerous: Horizons


Achievements - DLC: Arena

Customize your LoadoutBe Prepared
Switch your Ship mid matchBetter Prepared
Win 10 DeathmatchesButcher
Complete a Team DeathmatchContributor
Win 25 Capture the Flag matchesFlag Carrier
Complete a Capture the Flag matchFlag Day
Win a Capture the Flag matchFlagman
Refine 25 tonnes of GoldGoldsmith
Get an assistHelping Hand
Buy 1,000 tonnes of teaHow Very English
Win a DeathmatchKiller
Sell 250,000 credits worth of raresLave is a Rare Thing
Complete a DeathmatchOn Your Own
Sell 1,000 units of cargoSales Merchant
Destroy 1,000 ShipsShip Slayer
Win 10 Capture the Flag matchesSignalman
Win 25 CQC matchesSilver Arrow
Win 25 DeathmatchesSlayer
Win 10 Team DeathmatchesTeam Player
Reach a rank of Elite in Exploration, Combat and TradingTriple Elite
Win 25 Team DeathmatchesVeteran
Get a bounty of 25,000 creditsWanted, Dead or Alive
Win a Team DeathmatchWe Win
Interdict a shipYou're Mine

Contributed By: KeyBlade999.

Achievements - DLC: Horizons

Complete a planet side missionAir-to-Surface
Synthesize materials 1 timeAmateur Chemist
Synthesize materials 25 timesAnalytical Chemist
Drive 1,000 miles in the SRVand I Will Drive 500 more
Land on a planetAny Landing You Walk Away From is a Good One
Visit W Ursae MajorisBinary Agent
Collect 2,500,000 credits in bountiesBut You Can't Hide
Synthesize materials 100 timesChemical Engineer
Scoop 500 surface resource materials in the SRVCombination Harvester
Scoop 100 surface resource materials in the SRVCombine Harvester
Spend a total of 5 minutes airborne in the SRVControlled Falling
Redeem 100,000 credits of vouchers from data scanning in the SRVData Broker
Win 50 DeathmatchesExecutioner
Collect 25 different manufactured loot materialsExemplary Virtuosity
Complete 500 MissionsFortune 500
Collect 5 different manufactured loot materialsGreat Workmanship
Scoop 10 surface resource materials in the SRVHarvester
Visit SolHome, Sweet Home
Spend 15 continuous seconds airborne in the SRVI Believe I Can Touch the Sky
Scan 100 data loot collectiblesI Could Work in a Supermarket
Drive 500 miles in the SRVI Will Drive 500 miles
Collect a data loot materialI'm a Data Miner
Be Allied with 2 minor factions at the same timeLoveable
Cash in combat bonds worth 50,000 creditsMake it Rain
Customise 10 modules at a mechanic's workshipMod Culture
Make 25 Planetary LandingsOn Average, 1 in 26 is a Crash Landing
Collect 5 different data loot materialsPilot Papers
Disable 50 generatorsPower Saving
Scoop a surface resource material in the SRVReaper
Destroy 100 skimmersSemi-Skimmed
Destroy 50 skimmersSkimmed
Visit an EngineerSocial Engineering
Complete 25 planet side missionsThe Secret is to Bang the Rocks Together
Win 50 Team DeathmatchesThere is no "I" in Team
Scan a barnacleThis Looks Weird
Win 50 Capture the Flag matchesVexillologist
Make 100 Planetary LandingsVTOL Safety Pro
Collect 25 different data loot materialsWho Leaked this Data?
Collect a manufactured loot materialYou Made This?

Contributed By: KeyBlade999.

Achievements - Main Game

Sell data on a celestial bodyA Jewel in the Night
Win a CQC matchA Long Road Ahead
Reach an Explorer Rank of TrailblazerA new Ranulph?
Participate in 10 successful community goalsA Real Team Player
Win 250 CQC matchesA True Champ
Sell illegal goodsBlack Market
Win 50 CQC matchesBullseye
Visit Sagittarius ACentre of the Galaxy
Cash in combat bonds worth 100,000 creditsCha-Ching
Own 10 different ships simultaneouslyClassic Collection
Reach a Combat Rank of ExpertCombative
Buy 100,000 units of goodsConsumer
Destroy 50 Elite Combat rated shipsElite... Dangerous
Get an Elite RankingElitist
Reach CQC Championship Rank 50Full Ranking
Complete 5 missionsGettin' it done
Sell 10,000 units of cargoHeavy Lifting
Cash in a bountyI Found You!
Be first to discover a planetKepler's Eye
Destroy another shipKiller Instinct
Sell at 100 different marketsMarket Diversity
Refine 100 tonnes of Minerals and MetalsMining like a champ
Complete 250 missionsMission Accomplished
Complete 50 missionsMission Complete
Refine 10 tonnes of PainitePainite in the Asp
Reach a Trade Rank of MerchantPlaying the Markets
Sign up with a powerPledge Allegiance
Reach a CQC Rank of ProfessionalPro Player
Sell 1,000,000 credits worth of raresRares, I Like Rares
Refine 500 tonnes of Minerals or MetalsRefined Taste
Refine 1 tonne of Mineral or MetalScratching the Surface
Own 20 different ships simultaneouslyShip Hoarder
Sell 50,000 credits worth of illegal goodsSneaky
Interdict 25 shipsSpace Lasso
Buy a new shipSplashing Out
Sell at 500 different marketsSuper Market Sweep
Fuel scoop 100 tonnesThat's Scooper
Avoid an interdictionWell Avoided
Complete all the tutorialsWell Trained
Get a bounty of 100,000 creditsWhat Did You Do?
Form a full WingWing Friends
Participate and receive a reward in a community goalWorking Together
Collect 1,000,000 credits in bountiesYou can run...

Contributed By: KeyBlade999.