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LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2


Unlock Codes

Method 1:
Pause the game, go to "Extras", choose "Enter Code".

Method 2:
Go to Gwenpool's room in the Avenger's Mansion. Enter the code on the computer in the room.

QG3VH9Baby Groot (Ravager)
M68P3LCaptain Britain
CDS278Crimson Dynamo
S947TP Darkstar
GAVK9R Giant-Man
LBYT59 Grandmaster (Ragnarok)
XG7SAL Green Goblin
G6K2VM Hawkeye
5G7HFS Hulkling
HCE926 Maestro
UUTZNC Militant
BK9B3Y Misty Knight
HL7L7Y Ragnarok
JD9GQA Scarlet Spider
D6LJ4P Songbird
RMADXF Spider-Man UK
CW9BRS Spider-Woman
4U9DAT Vision (Civil War)
7KDY3L Vulture (Homecoming)
8KD3F6 Winter Soldier

Contributed By: Boseiju and hko981.



Complete ''No Eson of Mine''404: Xandar Not Found
Complete ''Noir Night-Mayor''A Bridge too Noir
Complete ''Inhuman Nature''A Family Feud
Rescue all Peril CharactersA Hero's Job Is Never Easy
Collect all Gold BricksAnother Gold Brick in the Wall
Destroy 100 enemies as Hulk (Thor: Ragnarok)Are You Not Entertained?
Complete ''Surtur-n Doom''Ash-gard
Explore Ancient Egypt as KangBack to where it all began
Have various Captain America characters join forces in a single partyBicentennial Battles
Complete ''On Board The Sword''By A Horse's Hair...
Complete ''Symbiote Surprise''Carnom-Nom-Nom-Nom
Take a selfie with Eson the Searcher in ''No Eson of Mine''Celestial Selfie
Complete 10 challenges in ChronopolisChallenge Accepted
Complete ''High-Noon Saloon''Circus of Crime, Doesn't Pay!
Unlock and view all Minikit comicsComic Book Collector
Complete ''Torg-nado''Commotion in the Ocean
Activate dance mode and make 5 characters danceDancing in the Moon Knight
Have Cosmo and Lockjaw in a partyDog Meet Dog
Obtain 'True Believer' in every levelDon't Stop, Believer!
Complete ''The Road to Knowhere''EGO the LEGO Planet
Play as Fin Fang Foom in ''Defying Conventions''Fin Fang Fanboy
Play ''Capture the Infinity Stone'' in 'Grandmaster Mode'Grandmaster Greetings
Complete ''Hala, is it Kree You're Looking For?''Hala from the other side
Complete ''Red King Revelation''He's a friend from work
Collect GwenpoolHello World!
Complete ''K'un-Lun Konundrum''How Now Shou-Lao
Complete ''I Sphinx We Have A Problem''I want my Mummy
Complete all quests in ChronopolisJourney through time and space
Complete the storyKang, the Conquered
Complete ''Out of Time''Kang's for the Memories
Complete ''Hydra Hijinks''Live and Let Fly
Have Morbius, Cap-Wolf, Triton and The Living Mummy in a partyMonster Squad
Complete ''Avenger's World Tour''No More Tomorrows
Complete ''Castle Hassle''None Shall Pass
Witness the 100% LEGO Stud FountainNuff Said
Complete ''Kree-search and Development''Once, Twice, Kree Times a Sentry
Create a custom superheroOperation: Rebirth
Smash 100 vehiclesRoad Rage 2
Complete ''Rune to Maneuver''Searching the Sanctum
Have multiple Kangs in a partyThe Council of Kangs
Purchase all charactersThe Inhabitants of Chronopolis
Complete ''What's Klaw's is Mined''The Klaws Are Out
Complete all races in ChronopolisTime Waits For No Kang
Defeat 30 enemies using The Black Knight (Nathan Garrett)Tis but a scratch!
Have Groot and Groot (Small) in a partyWe are Groot

Contributed By: Just_a_loser.

Cloak and Dagger Level Pack

Set both Free Play characters as Mister Negative in the 'Double Trouble' levelA Double Negative
Defeat 20 enemies in the 'Double Trouble' level as DaggerDouble Edged Dagger
Complete the 'Double Trouble' level after achieving True Believer statusIn the Light of Darkness
Complete ''Double Trouble''Only the Beginning...
Complete the 'Double Trouble' level with all Minikits unlockedUnder the Cloak of Darkness

Contributed By: Just_a_loser.

DLC: Ant-Man and the Wasp Level Pack

Complete ''Egghead Eggs-capade''A Giant-Man Among Insects
Complete the 'Egghead Eggs-capade' level after achieving True Believer statusAin't Just Chicken Feed
Complete the 'Egghead Eggs-capade' level with all Minikits unlockedEggs-traordinary Eggs-ploration
Defeat 10 enemies with a heat beam in the 'Egghead Eggs-capade' levelFried Eggmen, Sunny Side Singed
Set both Free Play characters as Wasp Classic and Yellowjacket in the 'Egghead Eggs-capade' levelStirring Up A Wasps' Nest

Contributed By: Just_a_loser.

DLC: Avengers: Infinity War Level Pack

Complete the 'Running the Gauntlet' level after achieving True Believer statusA Fitting Tribute
Complete the 'Running the Gauntlet' level with all Minikits unlockedFine. I'll do it myself.
Complete ''Running the Gauntlet''The King Awaits
Defeat 10 enemies in the 'Running the Gauntlet' level with ThanosThe Mad Titan
Set both Free Play characters as Proxima Midnight and Corvus Glaive during 'Running the Gauntlet'Until Thanos Do Us Part

Contributed By: Just_a_loser.

DLC: Black Panther Level Pack

Complete ''Welcome to the Jungle''A Great Rescue, Or Only A Drill?
Complete the 'Welcome to the Jungle' level with all Minikits unlockedAll Of Them? Are You Shur-i?
Complete the 'Welcome to the Jungle' level after achieving True Believer statusHero. Legend. King.
Set both Free Play characters as M.O.D.O.K. and M.O.D.A.M.Me Tarleton, You Jayne
Get killed by the Rhino MechYou Cannot Be Rhino-Serious!

Contributed By: Just_a_loser.

DLC: Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol. 2 Level Pack

Play as Groot until Mr Blue Sky stops playingHappy Roots
Complete the 'Awesome Mix Vol. 2' level after achieving True Believer statusI did it because I wanted to
Complete 'Awesome Mix Vol. 2'The Galaxy Won't Save Itself
Damage the Abilisk using the Anulax batteriesThousands of units a piece
Complete the "Awesome Mix Vol. 2 level with all Minikits unlockedYou Wanna Buy Some Minikits?

Contributed By: Just_a_loser.

DLC: Runaways Level Pack

Complete the 'The Great Escape' level after achieving True Believer statusBeats working for Val Rhymin
Complete ''The Great Escape''How do you pilot this thing?
Complete the 'The Great Escape' level with all Minikits unlockedPride and Joy
Destroy both sets of sunglasses positioned on the Magic Trap Masks.Shades of The Gibborim
Defeat both enemies in the 'The Great Escape' level with Molly HayesTougher Than She Looks...

Contributed By: Just_a_loser.