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Far Cry 5

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Ubisoft Developing Animated Shows Based On Watch Dogs, Blood Dragon, And Rayman 10/10/19
Over 100 PC Games Will Be On Ubisoft's Uplay Plus: Assassin's Creed, Watch Dogs, And More 07/16/19
Flash PC Game Sale Includes Huge Discounts On Far Cry 5, Assassin's Creed Odyssey 05/08/19
Far Cry, Assassin's Creed, And More Ubisoft Games On Sale For PS4 05/07/19
The Best PS4, Xbox One, And Last-Gen Pre-Owned Game Deals At GameStop 05/06/19
Last Chance For PS4 Game Deals On PSN In The US 02/05/19
Steam Sale Has A Rewards Booth That Can Save You More Money 02/04/19
Steam Lunar New Year Sale Is Live With PC Discounts And Bonuses 02/04/19
GameStop Deals Feature Big Recent PS4 And Xbox One Games 01/23/19
Get Assassin's Creed Odyssey For $25 And Other PS4 / Xbox One / Switch Game Deals At GameStop 01/16/19
Xbox One's New Game Deals This Week Include Far Cry Sale 01/15/19
Get Ready For Far Cry New Dawn With Far Cry 5 For Just $20 (PS4, Xbox One) 12/26/18
Google's Top Searched Game Of 2018 Is Exactly What You Think It Is 12/14/18
Far Cry New Dawn Is The 'Beginning Of A New World' For The Franchise 12/06/18
Far Cry: New Dawn - 4K PC Gameplay | The Game Awards 2018 12/06/18
Far Cry New Dawn Revealed As A Post-Apocalyptic Far Cry 5 Spin-Off 12/06/18
Far Cry New Dawn Fixes FC5's Major Flaw: The Dog Rides In Your Car Now 12/06/18
Far Cry: New Dawn - Official Announcement Trailer | The Game Awards 2018 12/06/18
Far Cry Reveal Teased For Game Awards - GS News Update 12/05/18
The Game Awards: All The Games And News To Expect 12/05/18
New Far Cry Game Set For The Game Awards Reveal 12/05/18
Far Cry - The Game Awards 2018 Official Teaser Trailer 12/05/18
Amazon UK Best Black Friday Gaming Deals For PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, And PC Revealed 11/23/18
A Game From Nine Years Ago Made The Top 10 Best-Seller US Chart For August 2018 09/18/18
Video Game Sales See Huge Increase During First Half Of 2018 In US 08/30/18
Fighting A Blood Dragon, Sasquatch and More in Far Cry 5's Dead Living Zombies DLC 08/28/18
Far Cry 5: Dead Living Zombies - Official Launch Trailer 08/28/18
Far Cry 5: Dead Living Zombies DLC Release Date And Trailer 08/27/18
Far Cry 5: Dead Living Zombies Teaser Trailer 08/20/18
Best-Selling Consoles And Games For June 2018 In The US 08/03/18
Far Cry 5: Lost On Mars - Official Launch Trailer 07/17/18
Far Cry 5's Nick Rye Talks About Finding Hurk's Junk Lost On Mars 07/17/18
Far Cry 5 Has A Gun That Turns Aliens Into Exploding Cows In The Lost On Mars DLC 07/16/18
Far Cry 5 Mars DLC - Opening Cutscene And Gameplay 07/16/18
Far Cry 5 Lost On Mars - Larry's House Gameplay 07/16/18
Far Cry 5 With 1 Life - GraveHoppers Series Premiere 07/12/18
Far Cry 5: Lost On Mars DLC Releases Next Week 07/11/18
Far Cry 5 - Lost On Mars Official Trailer 07/10/18
Far Cry 5: Lost On Mars DLC Launching Next Week - GS News Update 07/10/18
Steam Releases Charts Of 2018's Top Sellers (So Far) 07/05/18
Far Cry 5 Vietnam DLC Hours Of Darkness: Opening Cutscene And Gameplay 06/04/18
First Hour Of Far Cry 5 Hours of Darkness DLC Gameplay 06/04/18
Far Cry 5 DLC Heads To Vietnam In June - GameSpot Daily 05/25/18
Far Cry 5's Vietnam Expansion Gets A Release Date And New Trailer 05/24/18
[Last Chance] Far Cry 5 For $40 In The US--Best Deal Yet 05/14/18
10 Best-Selling Games Of March 2018 In The US Revealed 04/26/18
Is Far Cry 2 Better Than Far Cry 5? 04/18/18
Top 10 UK Games Chart: Far Cry 5 Stays No.1, GTA 5 Rises Again 04/17/18
What Is Far Cry 5's Endgame? 04/16/18
Far Cry 5 Live Event Wants You To Try Arcade [Last Chance] 04/16/18
Far Cry 5 Arcade: 7 Things You Should Not Do 04/16/18
Far Cry 5 Arcade: Prepare To Die - The Best New Maps This Week 04/16/18
Far Cry 5 Update Now Available On PS4 And Xbox One, Here Are The Patch Notes 04/12/18
Far Cry 5's Companions Hang Out But You’re Not Invited 04/11/18
PS4's Best-Selling Games On PSN During March 2018 Announced 04/11/18
Far Cry 5's Last Of Us-Inspired Map Headlines Arcade's Best Of The Week 04/10/18
Top 10 UK Games Chart: Far Cry 5, Sea Of Thieves, FIFA 18 Remain At Top 04/10/18
PUBG, Fortnite Have New Battle Royale Competition - GameSpot Daily 04/09/18
Best Far Cry 5 Guns And Weapons 04/09/18
Fortnite And PUBG Have New Battle Royale Competition - GameSpot Daily 04/09/18
Far Cry 5 Update Improves Co-Op Support, Fixes Gameplay Bugs 04/09/18
Far Cry 5: The Melee Weapons Are The Best 04/09/18
Far Cry 5 Review: Rocky Mountain High: 9 / 10 04/08/18
We Absolutely Wrecked Far Cry 5's Graphics And Created A Trippy Mess 04/07/18
Far Cry 5 Night Bug Plunges Its World Into Permanent Darkness 04/07/18
Far Cry 5 - Best Weapons 04/07/18
Far Cry 5's Lowest Settings Brings Us To Tears | Potato Mode 04/06/18
Far Cry 5 Live Event: How To Play 'Well Done' And Get Rewards 04/06/18
Far Cry Arcade Editor - 7 Things NOT To Do When Making A Map 04/05/18
Far Cry 5 Is The Series’ Fastest Selling Game Ever 04/05/18
Far Cry 5's Melee Weapons Are The Best 04/04/18
Far Cry 5 - The Best Arcade Maps Of The Week 04/04/18
Top 10 UK Sales Chart: Far Cry 5 Is Quickest-Selling Far Cry Game Ever And 2018's Biggest Launch Yet 04/04/18
Far Cry 5 - Best Practices For Burning Animals In The Well Done Live Event 04/03/18
Far Cry 5 Arcade Guide: How To Use The Game's Impressive Map Editor 04/02/18
Far Cry 5 Arcade: Best And Worst Maps We've Played So Far 04/02/18
The Secrets Of Far Cry 5's Open World 04/02/18
Far Cry 5 Beginner's Guide: Key Tips For Getting Started 04/01/18
Far Cry 5 Is Ubisoft's Best Open World Game 03/31/18
Take A Look At Far Cry 5's Best Easter Eggs 03/31/18
Far Cry 5 - The Best (And The Worst) Arcade Maps We've Found 03/30/18
Yes, Far Cry 5's Dog Boomer Is A Very Good Boy, Ubisoft Support Site Confirms 03/30/18
Far Cry 5 Features A Secret Ending Like Far Cry 4; Here's How To Get It 03/30/18
Far Cry 5 Easter Eggs & References 03/29/18
Far Cry 5 Map Editor - How To Get Started 03/29/18
The Ultimate Hunting Trip in Far Cry 5 03/29/18
Far Cry 5 Review 03/28/18
Watch Far Cry 5 Running At Ultra Settings On PC 03/28/18
Far Cry 5 Microtransactions: Here's How Paid Content Works 03/28/18
Far Cry 5 Reviews Roundup: Here's What Critics Think 03/27/18
New Far Cry 5 Launch Trailer Sets Things Up 03/27/18
Far Cry 5's Weirdest Mission: The Annual Testicle Festival 03/27/18
$68 Far Cry 5 And Controller Bundle For Xbox One And PS4 Available Now 03/27/18
$410 Xbox One X Far Cry 5 Bundle Available Right Now 03/27/18
Top New Games Releasing This Week On Switch, PS4, Xbox One, And PC -- March 25-30 03/27/18
Far Cry 5 PC Co-op Gameplay Live On Launch Day 03/27/18
Far Cry 5 Makes Fun Of An Overused Ubisoft Mechanic 03/27/18
Far Cry 5 Max Settings PC Gameplay 03/26/18
Far Cry 5 Release Date: Here's When You Can Start Playing On PS4, Xbox One, PC 03/26/18
Far Cry 5: Here's The First 11 Minutes 03/26/18
Far Cry: A Look Back At The Franchise's History 03/26/18
How Far Cry 5's Microtransactions Work 03/26/18
Far Cry 5 - Launch Gameplay Trailer 03/26/18
Far Cry 5 Late Game Exploration Gameplay 03/26/18
Far Cry 5 Campaign Length: It Could Take You 25 Hours Or More To Complete 03/26/18
Far Cry 5 Pre-Load Details Announced Before Release 03/26/18
Far Cry 5 Tower Gameplay 03/26/18
New Releases - Top Games Out This Week -- March 25-30 03/25/18
Things You Should Know Before Playing Far Cry 5 03/24/18
Far Cry 5's Secret Ending 03/23/18
The First 11 Minutes Of Far Cry 5 03/23/18
The Testy Festy - Far Cry 5's Weirdest Side Mission 03/23/18
Far Cry 5 The Early Game and Arcade Mode Live 03/23/18
"Are We In Trouble?" - Finding Far Cry 5's Villain Was A Real Challenge 03/23/18
GS News Update: Far Cry 5's Campaign Could Take You 25 Hours Or More To Complete 03/22/18
GS News Update: Far Cry 5 Has Microtransactions, Campaign Is Playable Offline 03/16/18
Far Cry 5 Has Microtransactions, Campaign Is Playable Offline 03/15/18
20 Minutes Of Air Assault With Far Cry 5's Choppers - Gameplay 03/10/18
The History Of Far Cry 03/10/18
Far Cry 5's DLC Trailer Shows Off Martian Fights And Zombies 03/09/18
Far Cry 5 - Post Launch Season Pass DLC Trailer 03/07/18
We Push Far Cry 5's Co-Op Multiplayer To Its Limits 03/06/18
We Chat About Far Cry 5, And It Has Us Confused 03/06/18
Top New Game Releases This Month On Switch, PS4, Xbox One, And PC -- March 03/06/18
Far Cry 5 Allows You To Build Crazy Levels With Items From Assassin's Creed And Watch Dogs 03/06/18
Far Cry 5 Arcade Mode Is Creepy And Challenging - Gameplay 03/06/18
Far Cry 5's Eerily Relevant Story May Hit A Nerve With Its Audience 03/05/18
New Xbox Show Will Tease Sea Of Thieves DLC, Reveal New Xbox One Features, And More 03/05/18
Far Cry 5's New American Setting Made Me Feel Like An Outsider 03/05/18
New Releases - Top Games Out This Month -- March 03/04/18
Far Cry 5 Has Us Confused 03/02/18
Meet Cheeseburger, Far Cry 5's Diabetic Murder Bear Gun For Hire 03/02/18
What Can You Do In Far Cry 5's Co-Op Multiplayer? 03/02/18
What Escaped The Fang Center In Far Cry 5? - Gameplay 03/02/18
New Far Cry 5 Gameplay Contains A Killer Bear Named Cheeseburger And What Even Are Video Games Anymore 03/02/18
This Far Cry 5 Short Film Looks Really Good 03/01/18
Get Far Cry 5 Free On PC When You Buy An AMD GPU 02/27/18
Far Cry 5's DLC Sounds Crazy; Far Cry 3 Included In Season Pass 02/03/18
With PUBG And Fortnite Soaring, These 5 Games Could Use A Battle Royale Mode 01/29/18
5 Games That Should Go Battle Royale In 2018 01/27/18
GS News Update: Ubisoft Launching Its Own Virtual Assistant To Help You With Games And Tell You The Fake Weather 01/24/18
Far Cry 5 PC System Requirements, 4K Recommended Specs Announced 01/23/18
GS News Update: Far Cry 5 PC System Requirements And 4K Recommended Specs Announced 01/22/18
Far Cry 5 Has One Big Missing Feature And Five Other Things We Found 01/11/18
Far Cry 5 Collector's Statue Shows Cult Leader 01/09/18
Far Cry 5 Missions And Side Quests Are Unsurprisingly Strange 12/18/17
Far Cry 5 Mission And Side Quest Gameplay 12/18/17
New Far Cry 5 Gameplay Shows Familiar Insanity In A New Setting 12/15/17
Far Cry 5 - The Resistance Trailer 12/15/17
Far Cry 5 - Guns, Bears, Planes And Fists Montage 12/15/17
Far Cry 5 - Super Moose On Drugs Gameplay 12/15/17
Far Cry 5, The Crew 2, And Another Unannounced Ubisoft Game Delayed 12/11/17
GS News Update: Far Cry 5, The Crew 2, And One Other Ubisoft Game Delayed 12/07/17
Why Far Cry 5's America Could Be The Series’ Weirdest And Scariest Setting Yet 12/01/17
The Biggest Games Coming In 2018 11/29/17
How Far Cry 5 Handles Cults And Small-Town America 11/22/17
Far Cry 5 Trailer Shows Off Co-Op Campaign Battles Against Doomsday Cult 10/30/17
Far Cry 5 - Co-Op Friend For Hire Trailer 10/30/17
Ubisoft Continues To Fight Off Vivendi Takeover 10/04/17
Far Cry 5 Composer Revealed 09/28/17
Reeling In A Big One - Far Cry 5 Fishing Gameplay 08/21/17
Far Cry 5 - Extended Gameplay Walkthrough 08/21/17
Flying The Not Friendly Skies In Far Cry 5 - Gameplay 08/21/17
Boomer Is A Good Boy - Far Cry 5 Dog Gameplay 08/21/17
Far Cry 5 - Guns For Hire Montage Gameplay 08/21/17
5 Cool Things You Can Do In Far Cry 5 08/21/17
Ubisoft Is Bringing Assassin's Creed: Origins, Far Cry 5, And More To Gamescom 08/07/17
Far Cry 5's New Location May Not Be Enough - E3 2017 06/18/17
E3 2017: The Best PS4 Games At The Sony Booth 06/16/17
Far Cry 5 Leaves You Stranded With No Towers And No Minimap - E3 2017 06/15/17
E3 2017: Why Far Cry 5 Is Set In Rural, Cult-Occupied America 06/13/17
E3 2017: New Beyond Good & Evil 2 Trailer; Mario/Rabbids Game Debut! - GS News Roundup 06/12/17
E3 2017: Everything In Far Cry 5 Collector's Edition 06/12/17
E3 2017: Far Cry 5 Gameplay Video Descends Into Absolute Chaos 06/12/17
Far Cry 5 Gameplay Reveal Demo - E3 2017 06/12/17
E3 2017: Far Cry 5 - Amazing Grace Official Trailer 06/12/17
E3 2017: See The Giant Posters Outside The Convention Center 06/11/17
E3 2017: Every Ubisoft Game At The Show, Including That New IP 06/10/17
Ubisoft At E3 2017 - What To Expect 06/05/17
Shadow Of War Delayed And Ubisoft Teases New IP For E3! - GS News Roundup 06/01/17
Ubisoft - E3 2017 Lineup Reveal Trailer 06/01/17
Far Cry 5, Darksiders 3, And The Top Upcoming Games Announced This Month 05/31/17
Far Cry 5, Tekken 7, ARMS, Titanfall 2 DLC - The Lobby 05/31/17
How Far Cry 5 Could Make A Serious Political Statement...Or Get It Very, Very Wrong 05/27/17
Xbox Game Pass Info; Nintendo Sells Empty Splatoon Box?! - GS News Roundup 05/26/17
Far Cry 5: Customizable Character, Full Campaign Co-Op - Announcement Impressions 05/26/17
Far Cry 5's First Trailer Reveals Release Date And American Doomsday Cult 05/26/17
Far Cry 5's Trailer And What It Doesn’t Tell You 05/26/17
Far Cry 5 - Character Vignette: Mary May 05/26/17
Far Cry 5 - Character Vignette: Nick Rye 05/26/17
Far Cry 5 - Announcement Trailer 05/26/17
Far Cry 5 - Character Vignette: Pastor Jerome Jeffries 05/26/17
GS News Update: Far Cry 5 Release Date Revealed 05/26/17
Far Cry 5 Villain Reveal; Free Xbox One (And PC?!) Games! - GS News Roundup 05/24/17
GS News Update: Far Cry 5 Cover Revealed 05/24/17
See Far Cry 5's Cover And Meet Its Characters 05/24/17
GS News - Red Dead Redemption 2 Delayed; Far Cry 5 Setting Revealed! 05/22/17
GS News Update: Far Cry 5 Setting Revealed 05/22/17
Far Cry 5 - Teaser Trailer 05/22/17
Far Cry 5 - "Welcome to Hope County" Teaser Trailer 4 05/22/17
Far Cry 5 - "Welcome to Hope County" Teaser Trailer 3 05/22/17
Far Cry 5 - "Welcome to Hope County" Teaser Trailer 2 05/22/17
Far Cry 5 - "Welcome to Hope County" Teaser Trailer 1 05/22/17
New Far Cry 5 Videos Reveal Where It's Set 05/22/17
GS News Top 5 - The Witcher TV Show Info; Nintendo Switch Bundle Announced! 05/19/17
GS News - Far Cry 5 Confirmed; Devs Playing Destiny 2 In Private Test Realm! 05/16/17
GS News Update: Far Cry 5 Officially Confirmed 05/16/17