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BioWare's Anthem Joins EA/Origin Access Vaults 09/12/19
Anthem Has Lost Its Lead Producer, Ben Irving 08/15/19
Cataclysm Finally Comes To Anthem - GS News Update 08/07/19
Anthem's Cataclysm Expansion Now Available, See The Full 1.3 Patch Notes 08/06/19
EA's Live Service Games Are Bringing In A Lot Of Money 07/30/19
No Man's Sky Dev Explains Why Staying Silent Can Be The Right Thing After A Tough Launch 07/09/19
EA CEO And Other Execs Gave Up Their Cash Bonuses 06/23/19
Why Anthem Struggled At Launch, According To EA CEO 06/23/19
Top 10 Best-Selling Games In May 2019 Revealed; Nintendo Switch Outsells PS4 And Xbox One In US 06/18/19
EA Play Conference Highlights | E3 2019 06/08/19
E3 2019: Anthem Dev Admits "We Have Some Work To Do" 06/08/19
Latest Anthem Update Sets The Foundation For Cataclysm Event; Full Patch Notes Listed 05/29/19
Apex Legends, Jedi Fallen Order, And Every Other EA Game Confirmed For E3 2019 (So Far) 05/14/19
Anthem Didn't Meet EA's Expectations - GS News Update 05/08/19
Anthem Fails To Meet EA's Expectations, But Company Is Committed To Improving It 05/07/19
Anthem Devs Are "100% Committed," Says BioWare - GS News Update 05/03/19
BioWare Boss On Anthem: "We Remain 100% Committed" 05/02/19
BioWare Delays The Cataclysm For Anthem - GS News Update 04/24/19
Anthem Will Get PC Test Server, Console Versions May Happen Too 04/24/19
Switch Outsells PS4 And Xbox One In March; Top 10 Best-Selling Games Revealed (US) 04/23/19
Anthem Delays A Lot Of Anticipated Content 04/23/19
Anthem's New Sunken Cell Stronghold Grandmaster Gameplay 04/23/19
Anthem's Latest Patch Notes Brings New Stronghold - GS News Update 04/23/19
Latest Anthem Update Adds A Post-Campaign Stronghold 04/23/19
Anthem Report Prompts BioWare Response 04/02/19
April Fools' Day 2019 Roundup: All The Best Gaming Jokes (Also Kirby Is A Square Now) 04/01/19
Anthem Update Changes Loot Drops And Legendary Missions 03/28/19
How To Make An Anthem Javelin Helmet In Real Life 03/22/19
Anthem Sales Open Strong In The US, Second-Biggest BioWare Release Ever For First Month 03/19/19
Anthem Launch "Rougher Than Expected," BioWare Says 03/19/19
Anthem Loot Just Got Better In New Update; Patch Notes Released 03/15/19
Marvel's Spider-Man For $32, Red Dead 2 For $36, And More Amazing Game Deals 03/14/19
Are Anthem’s Javelins Possible in Real-Life? - Reality Check 03/14/19
Anthem Update Breaks Loot Drops, Then Fixes Them - GS News Update 03/11/19
Anthem Update Fixes Accidental Loot Buff, Much To Players' Annoyance [Update] 03/11/19
Anthem Update 1.0.3 Is Live, Full Patch Notes Detailed [Update] 03/10/19
Anthem Was PS4's Best-Selling Game On PSN In February 03/08/19
BioWare Veteran Leading New Game Studio 03/08/19
BioWare Confirms Overpowered Starter Weapon - GS News Update 03/07/19
Shadow Game Streaming Offers A Powerful Cloud PC, But Is It Any Good? 03/07/19
Anthem Weapon Inscriptions Explained, And How They're Changing 03/07/19
Anthem Bug Makes This Starter Weapon Absurdly Powerful 03/07/19
Sony Is Refunding Some Players for Anthem's PS4 Crash Bug - GS News Update 03/05/19
EA Knows About Anthem PS4 Crashes, Is Working On A Solution 03/05/19
Anthem Being Refunded For Some PS4 Users Following Crash Bug 03/05/19
Top 10 UK Sales Chart: Anthem Stays On Top 03/04/19
How To Improve Anthem's Endgame 03/02/19
Anthem Hotfix Patch Seemingly Broke Freeplay For A Bit [Update] 03/01/19
Anthem Loot, Masterwork Crafting, And Tethering Updated - GS News Update 03/01/19
Anthem Tethering Issue Addressed In Update 02/28/19
Anthem Update Changes Inscriptions, Loot, And Crafting Are Changing [Update: Patch Available Now] 02/28/19
Anthem For PS4 Is Almost $10 Off At Amazon Now 02/27/19
Top 10 UK Games Chart: Despite Mixed Reception, Anthem Debuts At No.1 02/25/19
What Anthem Doesn't Tell You 02/22/19
BioWare's Anthem Is Best Played On Your Own--Sort Of 02/22/19
Anthem Freeplay Bonus XP Is Capped, So Return To Fort Tarsis Often 02/22/19
Anthem's Post-Launch Roadmap Includes The Catalyst, Guilds, And New Missions 02/22/19
Anthem Video Review 02/22/19
Anthem PS4/Xbox One HDR Update And More Detailed - GS News Update 02/22/19
Anthem: This Is The Most Critical Thing The Game Doesn't Tell You 02/22/19
Anthem Guide: Combos, Primers, Detonators, And Unique Javelin Effects 02/22/19
Anthem Issues And Future Updates Detailed: HDR On PS4/Xbox One, Loot Drops, And More 02/22/19
Free Xbox One Codes For Anthem Giveaway 02/22/19
Cam and Seb Team Up With Lottie Van-Praag And Simon Miller To Play Anthem On Launch Day 02/21/19
Anthem Release Date And Time: When It Goes Live On PS4, Xbox One, And PC 02/21/19
Anthem Day One Update Released; Full Patch Notes Detail What's New And Changed 02/21/19
Anthem Review - Two Halves: 6 / 10 02/20/19
Anthem Quick Video Review 02/20/19
Anthem Gets A Tie-In Comic Ahead Of Release 02/20/19
Episode 4 Of IGN, GameSpot, Jeuxvideo And Mein-MMO Playing Anthem Together In 4-Player Co-op 02/20/19
Anthem Review Roundup: Here's What Critics Think 02/20/19
Anthem Guide To Combos: How Primers, Detonators, And Javelin Special Effects Work 02/19/19
Anthem Day One Update Fixes Load Times And More - GS News Update 02/19/19
Anthem Late Game Contracts, Farming for Masterworks And More 02/19/19
Top New Game Releases On Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One, And PC This Week -- February 17-23 2019 02/19/19
Anthem Day One Update Out Now: Patch Notes Address Load Times, Challenges, And More 02/19/19
Anthem Early Review Impressions 02/15/19
How To Unlock Anthem Legion Of Dawn And Pre-Order Bonuses 02/15/19
Episode 3 Of GameSpot, IGN, Jeuxvideo And Mein-MMO Playing Anthem Together In 4-Player Co-op 02/15/19
Anthem Early Access Release Is Live -- But Only For Select Players 02/15/19
Anthem Origin Premier Access Gameplay Live 02/15/19
Anthem - 'Conviction' Live-Action Trailer From Neill Blomkamp 02/14/19
Anthem Short Film From District 9 Director Is Very Evocative 02/14/19
New Mass Effect Games Are Coming, BioWare Insists 02/12/19
Anthem: BioWare's Big Gamble 02/12/19
Anthem Short Film Coming From Ex-Halo Film Director, See The First Footage Here 02/11/19
New Anthem Trailer Sees All Four Javelins Play To Their Respective Strengths 02/08/19
Episode 2 Of GameSpot, IGN, Jeuxvideo And Mein-MMO Playing Anthem Together In 4-Player Co-op 02/08/19
Anthem - Launch Trailer 02/08/19
Anthem Endgame Explained - GS News Update 02/06/19
Game Release Dates Of February 2019: PS4, PC, Xbox One, And Nintendo Switch 02/06/19
This Is Anthem Gameplay Series: Part 2 - Endgame 02/06/19
Anthem's Update Roadmap Outlined, Plus BioWare Shares Endgame Details 02/06/19
Xbox One Livestream Recap: Halo Convention, Crackdown 3, And Hardware Bundles 02/06/19
Cross-Play Isn't Widely Used, But May Still Come To Games, Says EA 02/06/19
The Division 2 And Anthem Xbox One Bundles Revealed 02/05/19
EA Has "Difficult Quarter," Stock Price Nosedives 02/05/19
BioWare's Anthem Expected To Sell As Many As 6 Million Copies By March 02/05/19
Top New Games Out On PS4, Xbox One, And PC This Month -- February 2019 02/05/19
Anthem Has A Fun Konami Easter Egg If You Recall An Old Secret 02/01/19
IGN, GameSpot, Jeuxvideo and Mein-MMO Come Together To Create The Ultimate 4 Player Co-op Team In Anthem 02/01/19
Anthem Open Beta Demo PC Gameplay Live 02/01/19
Anthem Open Demo Has "Significant Improvements" - GS News Update 01/31/19
Anthem Open Demo Is Live: Dates, What's Included, And What To Know 01/31/19
Play Multiplayer Games On Xbox One For Free This Weekend 01/31/19
EA Shares A Chart To Help Decode Anthem's Release Date 01/31/19
Anthem Will (Thankfully) Let Freelancers Sprint In Fort Tarsis When The Game Launches 01/29/19
Three Major February PC Games Are (Surprisingly) Not Releasing On Steam 01/28/19
Anthem Demo: BioWare Explains Issues And What's Being Fixed 01/28/19
Anthem's Future Is Up In The Air 01/26/19
Anthem VIP Demo Had Issues That Even Affected Other EA Games 01/25/19
Anthem VIP Demo Gameplay Live 01/25/19
Play Anthem's VIP Demo And Get A Cool Javelin Cosmetic To Wear In The Main Game 01/25/19
We've Played Hours Of Anthem: Here's What The Game Is Like 01/24/19
Anthem Dev Explains Progression, Endgame, And Loot 01/24/19
Anthem: What's The Endgame Like? Here's Everything We Know So Far 01/24/19
Anthem Progression, Loot, And Loadouts: Here's Everything You Need To Know 01/24/19
Anthem - Official VIP Demo Trailer 01/23/19
Anthem Release Date/Time, Legion Of Dawn Edition, And Pre-Order Bonuses Guide (US) 01/23/19
Anthem Demo Dates, Server Issues, And More 01/23/19
How To Play The Anthem VIP Demo - GS News Update 01/23/19
Anthem's Javelin Customization And Progression Is Explained In New Trailer 01/17/19
BioWare's Anthem Offers Matchmaking "For Every Activity In The Game" 01/14/19
Anthem - Official NVIDIA CES 2019 Gameplay Trailer 01/07/19
Nvidia Bundles A Free Game (Or Two) With New RTX GPUs At CES 2019 01/06/19
BioWare's Anthem Gets Impressive New Trailer At CES, Watch It Here 01/06/19
New Anthem Official Interceptor Javelin And Stronghold Gameplay Reveal 12/21/18
Anthem Official Gear And Progression Gameplay Livestream 12/14/18
Anthem - Legion Of Dawn Official Trailer 12/14/18
BioWare's Anthem Has Two Upcoming Demos; One Is Exclusive For VIPs 12/11/18
All The Big News From The Game Awards 2018 - GS News Update 12/06/18
BioWare's Anthem Getting Two Demos Before Release; New Trailer Debuts 12/06/18
Anthem - Official Trailer | The Game Awards 2018 12/06/18
Anthem Doesn't Have Mass Effect Levels Of Choice, But You'll Still Affect Its World 12/06/18
Anthem: Review, Guides, Release Times, And What We Know 12/06/18
The Game Awards: All The Games And News To Expect 12/05/18
Anthem Closed Alpha Sign-Ups Begin; Test Starts Very Soon 11/30/18
Anthem Closed Alpha Starts Soon; Sign-Ups Live Now - GS News Update 11/29/18
Exploring Anthem's Closed Alpha Fort Tarsis Hub 11/29/18
Anthem Is Not Delayed, BioWare Producer Insists 11/19/18
EA Has 1,000 People Working On A Ridiculously Ambitious-Sounding New Technology 10/31/18
EA CEO Predicts Future For Gaming Where You Can Play Games On Any Device 10/30/18
Anthem - Official Trailer | TGS 2018 09/19/18
BioWare Dev Says Anthem Isn't Influencing Dragon Age Or Mass Effect 09/07/18
Anthem Demo Releases For PS4, Xbox One, And PC In February 09/04/18
New Anthem Trailer Explores Story, Combat, And World 09/02/18
Anthem – "Our World, My Story" Gameplay Features Trailer 09/01/18
BioWare Further Explains How Anthem's Single-Player Experience Works - GS News Update 08/02/18
BioWare Further Explains How Anthem's Single-Player Experience Works 08/02/18
EA Launches Service With Unlimited Access To Its PC Games 07/30/18
EA Wants Fortnite-Style Cross-Play For Its Own Games - GS News Update 07/30/18
Anthem Multiplayer Conspiracy Theories Aren't True - GameSpot Daily 07/24/18
BioWare Veteran Says Anthem "Conspiracy Theories" Are Not True 07/23/18
22-Year BioWare Veteran Leaves To Work On Smaller Projects - GS News Update 07/13/18
22-Year BioWare Veteran Leaves To Work On Smaller Projects 07/12/18
Anthem's 20 Minute E3 Gameplay Demo Video Now Released 07/10/18
Resident Evil 2 Wins Top Honor In E3 Game Critics Awards 07/05/18
Anthem Gameplay - Full E3 2018 Demo 07/05/18
Biggest Games Confirmed For 2019 | Get Hyped With This Montage 06/29/18
E3 2018: Game Critics Awards Nominations Revealed; Anthem, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Top The List 06/28/18
Anthem Executive Producer Spills Plenty Of New Details About The Game 06/25/18
Anthem Game Pre-Order, Demo And Release Date Guide (US) 06/22/18
Anthem Frame Rate On PS4/Xbox One Discussed By BioWare 06/19/18
BioWare's Anthem Has No Romance Options, Limited Dialogue Choices 06/19/18
BioWare's Anthem Shows An Exciting New Direction For The Studio 06/19/18
Top New Game Releases For Switch, PS4, Xbox One, And PC - E3 2018 06/18/18
The Best Games Of E3 2018 06/14/18
Anthem's World Is A Work In Progress--By Design - E3 2018 06/12/18
E3 2018: BioWare's Anthem Requires Online Connection, EA Confirms 06/11/18
E3 2018: EA's Press Conference Shows The Loot Box Backlash Paid Off 06/11/18
E3 2018: BioWare's Anthem Gets Legion Of Dawn Version With Bonus Cosmetics 06/11/18
E3 2018: Anthem Will Not Have PvP Multiplayer On Release Day 06/10/18
What's Your Favorite Game From EA Play's E3 2018 Press Conference? 06/10/18
E3 2018: Anthem's Story Set Up In New Trailer Revealed At EA Play 06/10/18
E3 2018: Watch EA Play Press Conference -- Star Wars, Anthem, Battlefield 5 06/10/18
EA Play E3 2018 Press Conference News Recap -- Star Wars, Anthem, Battlefield 5 06/10/18
E3 2018: 5 Things We Learned About Anthem - Release Date, Gameplay, Trailer, Javelins 06/10/18
E3 2018: BioWare's Anthem Release Date Revealed During EA Play 06/10/18
E3 2018: EA Play Press Conference Game Trailers -- Anthem, Battlefield 5, More 06/10/18
Anthem Is The Iron Man Game You Always Wanted 06/09/18
E3 2018: Anthem Won't Have Loot Boxes But You Can Buy Cosmetics, BioWare Says 06/09/18
E3 2018: Anthem's Javelin Exosuits Detailed, Work Like Classes 06/09/18
E3 2018: BioWare's Anthem Is Set In An Evolving World 06/09/18
E3 2018: Anthem Pre-Order Bonuses And Release Date Confirmed 06/09/18
E3 2018: BioWare's Anthem Gameplay Revealed With First Video 06/09/18
E3 2018: EA Play Press Conference Liveblog -- Star Wars, Anthem, Battlefield 5, And More News 06/09/18
Anthem E3 2018 Gameplay Stage Presentation | E3 2018 06/09/18
Anthem Gameplay Demo | E3 2018 06/09/18
Anthem - Official Cinematic Trailer | E3 2018 06/09/18
BioWare's Anthem At E3 2018's EA Play: What We Hope To See 06/09/18
BioWare's Anthem: New Teaser Video, Art Released; Trailer Coming At E3 06/04/18
BioWare's Anthem: New Teaser Video And Art Released; Trailer Coming At E3 - GS News Update 06/01/18
BioWare's Anthem Tease Implies A Reveal Is Imminent 05/30/18
E3 2018: All The EA Games Confirmed (So Far) 05/26/18
BioWare Veteran Who Worked On Secret Project Moves To Star Wars Team 05/17/18
BioWare's Anthem Is Multiplayer But Can Be Played Solo, Too 05/14/18
BioWare's Anthem Is Multiplayer, But You Can Still Play Solo - GS News Update 05/10/18
BioWare RPG Anthem Will Be Playable Early - GameSpot Daily 05/09/18
BioWare's New IP Anthem Will Let You Play Early 05/09/18
BioWare Boss Talks How Anthem Was Affected By Lack Of Mass Effect: Andromeda DLC - GS News Update 04/16/18
BioWare Boss Talks How Anthem Was Affected By Lack Of Mass Effect: Andromeda DLC 04/16/18
E3 2018: EA Announces Press Conference Date, Teases "Big Announcements" 04/10/18
Mass Effect Writer, Who Left In 2012 And Then Came Back, Has Left Again 03/11/18
BioWare's Anthem Officially Delayed Into 2019 On PS4, Xbox One, And PC 02/02/18
GS News Update: BioWare's Anthem Is Officially Delayed Until 2019 On PS4, Xbox One, And PC 01/31/18
BioWare's Anthem Delayed To Next Year, New Dragon Age Adding "Live Elements" - Report 01/26/18
GS News Update: BioWare's Anthem Reportedly Delayed Until 2019, New Dragon Age Adding "Live Elements" 01/24/18
EA Teases New Action Game, Says It Has Never-Before-Seen Gameplay Elements 11/14/17
Check Out The Biggest Xbox One X Enhanced Games 11/03/17
Xbox One X: The Biggest Enhanced Games 11/03/17
Someone Spent $15,000 On Mass Effect Multiplayer Cards 10/23/17
Mass Effect, Anthem Designer Corey Gaspur Passes Away 07/31/17
BioWare's Anthem Now Has A Corn Maze Tie-In 07/24/17
Anthem - Rising to New Heights Corn Maze Teaser Trailer 07/24/17
$40k Classic NES Game; Ubi Talks Red Dead Redemption 2 Delay - GS News Roundup 07/21/17
New Dragon Ball FighterZ Characters; Mass Effect Director Back At Bioware - GS News Roundup 07/18/17
GS News Update: Mass Effect Director Returns To Head Up BioWare, As Current Boss Departs 07/18/17
Mass Effect Director Returns To Head Up BioWare, As Current Boss Departs 07/18/17
More Crash Games; Sony Reuses Xbox’s Anthem Video?! - GS News Roundup 07/04/17
Sony Removes PS4 YouTube Video For BioWare's Anthem That Showed Xbox Buttons 07/03/17
Assassin's Creed: Origins, Metro Exodus, And The Most Surprising Games Announced This Month 06/30/17
Free Xbox One & 360 Games For July; New Info For BioWare IP Anthem - GS News Roundup 06/27/17
GS News Update: BioWare's New IP Is A "Science Fantasy" Game Like Star Wars And Unlike Mass Effect 06/27/17
BioWare's New IP Is A "Science Fantasy" Game Like Star Wars And Unlike Mass Effect 06/26/17
E3 2017: BioWare's Anthem Confirmed For PS4, Xbox One, PC; Release Date Set For 2018 06/11/17
E3 2017: BioWare's New IP Anthem Gameplay Revealed 06/11/17
Anthem Gameplay Reveal Trailer - E3 2017 06/11/17
Star Wars Battlefront 2 DLC 100% Free; New BioWare IP! - E3 2017 - GS News 06/10/17
E3 2017: BioWare's New IP, Anthem, Announced With First Trailer 06/10/17
E3 2017: All the EA Press Conference Trailers 06/10/17
Anthem E3 2017 Teaser 06/10/17