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L.A. Noire

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Grab GTA 4, Max Payne 3, And More Rockstar Games Cheap To Support Charity Right Now 02/02/18
Last Chance To Get These Nintendo Switch Game Discounts On The US Eshop 01/31/18
This Hilarious LA Noire Video Will Make You Want To Play The VR Case Files 👌 12/22/17
Humble Bundle's Rockstar Sale Includes Deals On GTA, LA Noire, Bully, And More 11/18/17
LA Noire Switch Review: 7 / 10 11/17/17
L.A. Noire On Switch Video Review 11/17/17
Nintendo Switch Adds Skyrim And A Lot Of Other Great Games This Week 11/17/17
New Releases - Top Games Out This Week - November 12 11/12/17
Top New Games Out This Week On Switch, PS4, Xbox One, PC, And 3DS - November 12 11/12/17
L.A. Noire Official Nintendo Switch Trailer 11/09/17
L.A. Noire On Switch And VR Offers A More Personal Detective Game 11/09/17
L.A. Noire Doesn’t Fit On Switch; Monster Hunter World Dev Talks Loot Boxes - GS News Roundup 11/02/17
L.A. Noire Doesn’t Fit On Switch; Monster Hunter World Dev Talks Loot Boxes - GS News Roundup 11/02/17
LA Noire Switch Download Doesn't Fit On System Storage 11/02/17
GS News Update: LA Noire Switch Download Doesn't Fit On System Memory 11/02/17
New LA Noire Trailer Shows The Game Off In 4K 10/26/17
LA Noire - Official Trailer 10/26/17
Nintendo Switch Gets Doom, Skyrim, and L.A. Noire Within 7 Days 10/17/17
The Glorious Return of Metroid - The Lobby 09/13/17
Rockstar's LA Noire Releasing For PS4, Xbox One With Some Improvements 09/09/17
LA Noire Is Apparently More Expensive On Nintendo Switch For A Physical Version 09/08/17
L.A. Noire Coming To Switch; Destiny 2 Shaders Controversy - GS News 09/07/17
GTA Dev's First Nintendo Switch Game Is An Enhanced LA Noire Port 09/07/17
Rockstar Gets Into VR With PC Vive Version Of LA Noire 09/07/17
GS News Update: Rockstar's LA Noire Coming To Switch, PS4, Xbox One, And VR 09/07/17
Top 5 Best Recreations Of Real World Locations In Gaming - The Gist 11/14/16
GTA 5, Bully, and More Discounted in Rockstar Steam Sale 09/22/16
L.A. Noire Spiritual Successor "Whore of the Orient" May Never Come Out 06/24/16
No New Rockstar Game Until April 2017 At the Earliest, Company Confirms 05/19/16
Grand Theft Auto 5 and More Discounted in PlayStation's Rockstar Games Sale 02/16/16
10+ Rockstar Games on Sale at Humble Store 04/11/15
How Video Games Solve Crimes In 2 Minutes 03/04/15
Xbox Live Sale Discounts Tomb Raider to $30, Red Dead Redemption to $7.50 06/17/14
Get GTA games for cheap during Rockstar Publisher Weekend Steam sale 03/15/14
Get Red Dead Redemption for $7.50, Max Payne 3 for $5 right now on PSN 02/19/14
Team Bondi alums form new studio 05/28/13
Whore of the Orient development on hold as staff are laid off - Report 04/18/13
GS News - L.A. Noire gag reel released 02/04/13
L.A. Noire gag reel released 02/04/13
Take-Two denies it threatened suit over L.A. Noir TV show 01/25/13
GS News - TV show forced to change name over L.A. Noire 01/24/13
TV show forced to change name over L.A. Noire - Report 01/24/13
Sound Byte Radio Episode 8: All That Jazz 07/31/12
Sony announces Ultimate Editions for PSN 05/29/12
Start/Select - BAFTA Winners, Elder Scrolls MMO Game 03/19/12
Portal 2 wins big at BAFTAs 03/16/12
Arkham City, L.A. Noire lead BAFTA nominations 02/16/12
Start/Select - L.A. Noire sequel possible, PS Vita review wrap-up 02/14/12
L.A. Noire sequel a 'possibility' 02/13/12
BAFTA announces Audience Award shortlist 02/09/12
Y U NO MAKE NEW IP? 01/23/12
Uncharted 3 gets a dozen Interactive Achievement Award nods 01/12/12
Best Action Adventure Game - Best of 2011 Award Nominees 12/15/11
Best of 2011 Nominees Reveal 12/15/11
Skyrim dubbed most played game of 2011 by Raptr 12/08/11
Start/Select - L.A. Noire hits OnLive, Mario Kart 7 Sales 12/08/11
It's Time to Take OnLive Seriously 12/07/11
OnLive App Announcement 12/07/11
Nurturing local game dev talent important: Australian government 12/06/11
Mad Max director buys rights to ex-L.A. Noire dev's new project 11/27/11
L.A. Noire: The Complete Edition Review: 9 / 10 11/23/11
AU Shippin' Out: Nov 14-18: AC: Revelations 11/13/11
XCOM delayed as Take-Two posts down quarter 11/08/11
L.A. Noire: The Complete Edition Launch Trailer 11/08/11
AU Shippin' Out Nov. 7-11: Modern Warfare 3, Skyrim 11/06/11
GameSpot AU's Shippin' Out - November 7, 2011 11/06/11
L.A. Noire: The Complete Edition coming to consoles 10/20/11
L.A. Noire dev $1.4M in debt - Report 10/07/11
L.A. Noire dev moves to shut down 10/05/11
L.A. Noire: PC Hands-On Preview 09/29/11
Start/Select - Syndicate, L.A .Noire, Gran Turismo 5 09/29/11
L.A. Noire hits PC in November 09/28/11
L.A. Noire Complete Edition coming November? 09/25/11
Start/Select - L.A. Noire dev enters administration, Battlefield 3 saves civilians 09/01/11
Team Bondi goes into administration 08/31/11
Game Developers' Quality of Life: Why Should Gamers Care? 08/23/11
GameStop sales, profits sink by millions 08/18/11
Start/Select - MX vs. ATV canned and Team Bondi disbanded 08/10/11
GameSpot Sync - Team Bondi, Gamefly Digital, League of Legends: Dominion, Secret World 08/09/11
Analyst expects NPD slump to continue 08/09/11
Team Bondi selling studio, IP - Report 08/09/11
Take-Two sales sink 12% in June quarter 08/08/11
This Week on PSN: Deadliest Warrior: Legends, Section 8: Prejudice, and more 07/29/11
This Week in Digital Downloads - Deadliest Warrior: Legends, Back to the Future, and more 07/28/11
Are AAA games too long? 07/19/11
GameSpot Sync - Call of Duty: Black Ops - Annihilation, Journey, and Comic-Con 2011 07/15/11
Big in Japan July 4-10: L.A. Noire 07/14/11
This Week in Digital Downloads - Space Hulk Is Now Kill Team, 80's Revival, and more 07/14/11
L.A. Noire, Duke Nukem top slumping June sales - NPD 07/14/11
This Week on Xbox: July 11 - July 16 07/13/11
This Week on Playstation Network - Summer Sale, Abstract Feelings, and Junk Battles 07/13/11
L.A. Noire dev: Studio will learn from mistakes - Report 07/13/11
PlayStation Store Update: L.A. Noire DLC, Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood 07/12/11
Xbox Live Update: Ms. 'Splosion Man, L.A. Noire DLC 07/12/11
Rockstar Films ready for a close-up? 07/07/11
L.A. Noire - Reefer Madness Vice Case Trailer 07/07/11
Poor Duke Nukem sales offset L.A. Noire success for Take-Two - Analyst 07/05/11
GameSpot Sync - Gears of War 3, EDF: Insect Armageddon 07/05/11
Start/Select - L.A. Noire row heats up, Media Molecule moves on from Little Big Planet 07/05/11
Rockstar at odds with Team Bondi - Report 07/05/11
Reality Check: Is Cole Phelps a Psychopath? 06/29/11
IGDA investigating Team Bondi workers' rights complaints 06/28/11
This Week in Digital Downloads - Horde mode trailer, eShop on the 3DS, Trenched, and more 06/23/11
GameSpot Sync - L.A. Noire, The Sims 3: Generations, Lucius 06/23/11
L.A. Noire PC-bound this fall, ships 4 million units 06/23/11
L.A. Noire Retrospective Interview With Brendan McNamara 06/23/11
This Week on PlayStation Network - Mega Death, Killzone 3 Maps, L.A. Noire Crimes, and more 06/22/11
GameSpot Sync - GTAV, L.A. Noire, Wii U 06/21/11
PlayStation Store Update: Killzone 3, L.A. Noire DLC 06/21/11
Xbox Live Update: Trenched digs in tomorrow 06/21/11
L.A. Noire Q&A - Downloadable Cases and More 06/21/11
L.A. Noire MotionScan Interview With Oliver Bao 06/20/11
L.A. Noire: Final Thoughts 06/20/11
Asia Shippin' Out June 19-25: F.E.A.R 3 06/20/11
GameSpot Sync - Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D, Best of E3 2011 06/17/11
GameSpot Sync - CoD: Black Ops - Annihilation, L.A. Noire, Binary Domain, Child of Eden 06/16/11
L.A. Noire sells 899,000 in May 06/16/11
L.A. Noire: Nicholson Electroplating Disaster - Official Trailer 06/16/11
L.A. Noire tops slumping May sales - NPD 06/13/11
L.A. Noire devs shunned from credits? 06/03/11
This Week in Digital Downloads - The PlayStation Store and the Kinect 06/02/11
L.A. Noire - Rockstar Pass Trailer 06/01/11
L.A. Noire DLC spree begins today 05/31/11
L.A. Noire Tips and Hints: The Gas Man 05/24/11
L.A. Noire is UK's fastest-selling new IP 05/23/11
On the Spot - L.A. Noire, Trenched, Witcher 2 05/19/11
L.A. Noire Daily Demo 05/19/11
GameSpot Sync - Wii 2 Leak, Guild Wars 2, The Witcher 2 05/19/11
L.A. Noire Tips and Hints 05/19/11
Start/Select - L.A. Noire hints and Dirt 3's Gymkhana mode 05/19/11
L.A. Noire causes console overheating? 05/19/11
Crosshairs--G.S. Noire, Driver: San Francisco, Batman: Arkham City, European Brink Tournament 05/19/11
GameSpot Sync - Dead Island, First Templar, L.A. Noire 05/18/11
Take-Two shares rise on L.A. Noire launch 05/18/11
Asia Shippin' Out May 15-21: L.A. Noire 05/17/11
L.A. Noire Starting Block 05/17/11
L.A. Noire Walkthrough 05/17/11
L.A. Noire - Bloody Scene Gameplay Movie 05/17/11
GameSpot Presents: Now Playing - L.A. Noire 05/17/11
L.A. Noire - You Run Track in High School Gameplay Movie 05/17/11
L.A. Noire - Kalou Confession Gameplay Movie 05/17/11
L.A. Noire - Knock Knock Gameplay Movie 05/17/11
L.A. Noire - Arson Investigation Gameplay Movie 05/17/11
L.A. Noire - Rare Find Gameplay Movie 05/17/11
L.A. Noire - Foot Chase Gameplay Movie 05/17/11
L.A. Noire - Lorna Tells a Story Gameplay Movie 05/17/11
GameSpot Sync - The Witcher 2, L.A. Noire 05/17/11
GameSpot Sync - L.A. Noire, Dead Island 05/16/11
L.A. Noire Review: 9 / 10 05/16/11
L.A. Noire Review: 9 / 10 05/16/11
L.A. Noire Video Review 05/16/11
L.A. Noire - Violent Arrest Gameplay Movie 05/16/11
L.A. Noire - 211 In Progress Gameplay Movie 05/16/11
L.A. Noire - Subdue Robbery Suspects Gameplay Movie 05/16/11
L.A. Noire - Shots fired at Westlake Savings and Loan Gameplay Movie 05/16/11
L.A. Noire - Special Order Gameplay Movie 05/16/11
L.A. Noire - Sidewalk Murder Gameplay Movie 05/16/11
Shippin' Out May 15-21: L.A. Noire, Fable III PC, New Vegas DLC 05/16/11
AU Shippin' Out May 16-20: L.A. Noire 05/15/11
L.A. Noire Interview With Brendan McNamara 05/15/11
This Week in New Releases - May 15-21 05/13/11
GameSpot Sync - Modern Warfare 3, Starhawk, L.A. Noire 05/13/11
An Interview With Aaron Staton of L.A. Noire 05/13/11
Rockstar didn't want to 'shoehorn' motion control into L.A. Noire - Report 05/13/11
Crosshairs-- L.A. Noire, Uncharted 3 05/11/11
L.A. Noire playable at the Mana Bar 05/11/11
The Influences of L.A. Noire 05/11/11
$10 'Rockstar Pass' coming to L.A. Noire May 17 05/11/11
L.A. Noire - Launch Trailer 05/11/11
L.A. Noire preorder bonuses ready in Asia 05/09/11
L.A. Noire soundtracks announced 05/09/11
GameSpot Sync - L.A. Noire, Infamous 2 05/06/11
Sound Byte: L.A. Noire Soundtrack 05/06/11
L.A. Noire Video Preview 05/05/11
L.A. Noire short story anthology due June 6 05/03/11
This Week in Digital Downloads - Fancy Pants, Section 8, Final Fantasy, and Old But New Titles 04/21/11
L.A. Noire Gameplay Series: Rising Through the Ranks 04/21/11
This Week Xbox Live - Running, Online Warfare, and Lots of Games on Demand Video Feature 04/20/11
Twitter Takeover: L.A. Noire 04/20/11
PS3 L.A. Noire puzzles out exclusive content 04/13/11
L.A. Noire UK Trailer #3 04/11/11
Red Dead Redemption preorder bonuses hitting XBL, PSN this week 04/11/11
L.A. Noire UK Trailer: The Technology Behind Performance 04/08/11
L.A. Noire Trailer: Orientation 04/08/11
L.A. Noire UK Trailer: Investigation and Interrogation 04/08/11
L.A. Noire UK Trailer 1 04/08/11
L.A. Noire UK Trailer 2 04/08/11
L.A. Noire Official Trailer #3 04/07/11
L.A. Noire Slip of the Tongue Trailer 03/31/11
L.A. Noire part of Tribeca Film Festival 03/29/11
L.A. Noire Gameplay Series: Investigation and Interrogation 03/09/11
L.A. Noire additional hands-on 03/03/11
This Week on Playstation Network - Rescuing Pint-Sized Survivors and Surviving Necromorphs 03/03/11
L.A. Noire Naked City Trailer 03/03/11
L.A. Noire Hands-On Preview 03/01/11
L.A. Noire gets retailer-exclusive missions 02/24/11
Today On the Spot - Homefront, L.A. Noire 02/17/11
L.A. Noire Interview 02/17/11
L.A. Noire Gameplay Series: Orientation 02/09/11
Red Dead Redemption ships 8 million, Take-Two profits flat, Max Payne 3 MIA 02/08/11
Start/Select - DC Universe Online + LA Noire Preview 02/04/11
L.A. Noire Video Preview 02/03/11
L.A. Noire Serial Killer Trailer - Australian version 01/26/11
L.A. Noire Serial Killer Trailer 01/24/11
L.A. Noire emerging from shadows May 17 01/22/11
L.A. Noire premiering April 5 - Retail Radar 01/20/11
L.A. Noire Tech Demo Trailer 12/16/10
L.A. Noire extended first look 11/24/10
L.A. Noire First Look 11/18/10
L.A. Noire due spring 2011 11/11/10
L.A. Noire Premiere Trailer 11/11/10
L.A. Noire getting new trailer Thursday 11/09/10
Take-Two moving fiscal year-end to March 10/26/10
Red Dead redeems Take-Two earnings, ships 6.9M 09/02/10
L.A. Noire delayed again - Analyst 08/27/10
Red Dead Redemption sells 5M, GTAIV hits 17M 06/08/10
BioShock 2 ships 3 million, GTAIV sells 15M, Take-Two tops targets 03/03/10
L.A. Noire due in fall for PS3, 360 02/09/10
LA Noire details coming 'very soon' 09/29/09
E3 2008: Take-Two event heads for the Borderlands 07/16/08
Take-Two blames GTA-less quarter for slipping sales 09/10/07
L.A. Noire Official Trailer 2 10/05/06
Rockstar gets L.A. Noire 09/25/06
L.A. Noire Official Trailer 1 09/25/06
Team Bondi announces PS3 game 07/18/05