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One Piece: World Seeker



Complete the required tasks to unlock each Achievement and Gamerscore.

Defeat 100 PiratesBig Rookie
Perform 30 Perfect DodgesEvasion Expert
Ask Straw Hat Pirates to go exploring 3 timesExploration Hobbyist
Ask Straw Hat Pirates to go exploring 12 timesExploration Strategist
Complete Main Mission "Find Chopper!"Find Chopper!
Complete first Side MissionFirst Step
Fly with Gum Gum Rocket for 30 minutes in totalFly Away
Reach Pirate Rank 100Go All The Way to the Top!
Perform 30 Perfect GuardsGuard Master
Explore the entire islandI Love Adventure!
Reach a Sky Island for the first timeI Wanna Go to the Sky Islands
Learn 10 SkillsI Want To Get Stronger!
Learn all SkillsI Won't Lose to Anyone!
Break 100 objectsI'll Destroy It!
Defeat 6 enemies simultaneouslyI'll Send You All Flying!
Defeat 1,000 EnemiesI'll Take You All On!
Complete 20 Side MissionsIsland Friend
Complete 100 Side MissionsIsland Hero
Attain 100% Karma for one factionJoin My Crew!
Travel a total distance of 50,000 across the islandLong Journey
Perform 10 critical shotsMarksman
Acquire 100 materials in totalMaterial Collector
Complete Main Mission "Protect All"Protect All
Create 20 equipment items & outfitsQuartermaster
Complete Main Mission "Radio Hijack"Radio Hijack
Reach Pirate Rank 10See You on the High Seas
Perform 100 critical shotsSharpshooter
Complete Main Mission "Sky Prison, Ho!"Sky Prison, Ho!
Acquire 20 pirate box lunch recipesSomething Smells Good!
Complete Main Mission "Straw Hats United"Straw Hats United
Complete Main Mission "Suspicious Woman"Suspicious Woman
Defeat 10 enemies with a TakedownTakedown Hobbyist
Defeat 100 enemies with a TakedownTakedown Legend
Complete Main Mission "The Old Island"The Old Island
Acquire 25 equipment & outfit plansThis Could Be Fun
Learn 40 SkillsThis is What I've Been Training For!
Complete Main Mission "To You"To You
Open 200 treasure chestsTreasure Hunter
Open 15 treasure chestsTreasure!
Defeat 200 SailorsWanted
Complete All Main MissionsWe won!
Fly for 5 seconds during a single Gum Gum Rocket flight without landingWoohoo!
Reach Pirate Rank 50You've Gotten a Lot Stronger

Contributed By: Similac.