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Wolfenstein: Youngblood

Easter Eggs

Wolfenstein 3D

In the Paris Catacombs in the bar area you can play the German Version of the classic Wolfenstein 3D

Contributed By: harley3651.



Complete the required tasks to unlock each Achievement and Gamerscore.

Find all 3D glasses.3-D
Obtain 5 abilities.A better you
Achieve mastery level 10 with the Kugelgewehr.A cloud of lead
Gore 150 enemies.A red mist
Kill 50 enemies while airborne.Airborne
Defeat Winkler.Airship down
Kill 50 enemies with your Crush ability.American Football
Link up with the resistance.Among friends
Find all Cassette Tapes.Audiophile
Find 60,000 coins.Banker
Kill 50 enemies using explosives.Bomber
Defeat the Übergarde in Brother 1.Brother 1
Defeat the Übergarde in Brother 2.Brother 2
Defeat the Übergarde in Brother 3.Brother 3
Achieve mastery level 10 with a melee weapon.Chop and slice
Achieve mastery level 10 with the Sturmgewehr.Chopper
Find all UVK Covers.Cinephile
Enter all Undergrounds.Dark Days
Achieve mastery level 10 with the Dieselkraftwerk.Demolition woman
Achieve mastery level 10 with the Laserkraftwerk.Dust to dust
Achieve mastery level 10 with the Elektrokraftwerk.Electric feel
Open all red supply crates.Expert explorer
Open 200 supply crates.Explorer
Obtain 15 abilities.Extra everything
Obtain all improved weapon upgrades.Gear head
Achieve mastery level 10 with the Maschinenpistole.Get the strap
Obtain the God Key.God Key
Kill 50 enemies with their own bullets.God mode
Achieve mastery level 10 with the Pistole.Gunslinger
Find all Floppy Disks.Hacker
Achieve mastery level 10 with a Hammer weapon.Hammer time
Kill 100 enemies while dual-wielding.Hard boiled
Tuck a Hammer weapon away for later.Heavy artillery
Kill 10 charging Supersoldaten.Immovable object
Get through 10 code locks.Intruder
Obtain 10 weapon upgrades.Kitted out
Find all Readables.Librarian
Obtain all abilities.More human than human
Achieve mastery level 10 with all weapons.One woman army
Complete all missions.Partisan
Enter the Lab X.Plain sight
Kill an enemy within 3 seconds of uncloaking 50 timesPredator
Pick up 250 loot supplies.Prepper
Revive or get revived 25 times.Rasputin
Kill 500 enemies.Resistor
Kill 75 enemies using the weapon type that's most effective against their shield type.Right tool for the job
Kill 75 enemies using take-downs.Ripper
Obtain 5 power armor skins.See my vest
Achieve mastery level 10 with the Blitzgewehr.Spray and pray
Stealthily kill 50 enemies.Stealthy
Stealth Kill 10 Supersoldaten.Sting like a bee
Perform 100 pep signals.Supportive
Kill 50 enemies using thrown weapons.Supreme ninja
Kill 20 drones.Swatter
Fully upgrade a weapon brand.Tacticool
Complete a mission with co-op player.Teamwork
Obtain the souvenir from Dunwall.Tribute
Fire 100,000 shots.Trigger happy
Kill Lothar.Vive la révolution!
Meet up with your father.World's best Dad

Contributed By: Similac.