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Remnant: From the Ashes



Complete the required tasks to unlock each Achievement and Gamerscore.

Meet the Root MotherAre You Ok?
Defeat Ixillis XVButterfly Effect
Meet the Pan Rebel LeaderChanging of the Guard
Defeat the DreamerDark Awakening
Meet the Undying KingDeath Warmed Over
Acquire 5 armor setsEquipment Collector
Acquire 10 armor setsEquipment Enthusiast
Activate the Ward 13 World StoneFade to White
Defeat SingeFire in the Sky
Acquire first traitFirst…But Not The Last!
Acquire 10 traitsGood Start
Upgrade any weapon to +10Halfway There
Upgrade first weaponHard Choices
Upgrade Dragon HeartHeart of a Dragon
Upgrade a boss weapon to +5Like a Boss
Meet the Swamp QueenLike a Moth to a Flame
Acquire 5 weapon modsMod Collector
Acquire 15 weapon modsMod Enthusiast
Return coin to AceNot So Lucky
Defeat 100 special enemiesNot So Special
Acquire 50,000 scrapOne Person's Scrap…
Return ring to ReggiePrecious
Upgrade any weapon to +20Push It to the Limit
Craft a weapon using material from a defeated world bossReady For Action
Acquire 200,000 scrapScrap Collector
Acquire 100,000 scrapScrap Harvester
Return the Swamp Guardian's heart to the Undying KingShot Through the Heart
Acquire 20 traitsThat's a Lot of Traits!
Defeat the EntThe Bigger They Are…
Meet Andrew FordThe Founder
Defeat the ClavigerThe Keymaster
Acquire Mudtooth's pocket watchThis Watch…
Upgrade any trait to 10Trait Dabbler
Upgrade any trait to 20Trait Focus
Defeat the Undying KingUndying, Eh?
Acquire 30 traitsUnleash Your Potential
Defeat a world boss in single player without taking damageUntouchable
Defeat the Totem FatherWatch the Totems!
Meet the Labyrinth KeeperWhat is the Labyrinth?
Defeat the Pan WolfWolf of the Woods

Contributed By: Similac.