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The Occupation



Complete the required tasks to unlock each Achievement and Gamerscore.

Startled Steve.Boo!
Attend Charles Bowman's meeting.Bowman
Attend Chance Crow & Alison Whitworth's meeting.Busted!
Complete a playthrough without getting spotted out-of-bounds.Cloak and Swagger
Answered all of Mina's phone calls.Collect Call
Collected all vinyls.Connoisseur
Collected all interview tapes.Detective
Attend Carla Burman’s meeting.First Meeting
All Leads completed.Investigator
All Metacentre Leads completed.Journalist
Attended all meetings on time.Punctual
All Carson Offices' Leads completed.Reporter
Used the Silhouette server in the I.P.A.Silhouette
Annoyed Steve.Stick it, buddy!
Completed a playthrough of The Occupation.The Miller Report

Contributed By: Similac.