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Warhammer: Vermintide 2 - Shadows Over Bogenhafen


"The Dark Gods reach out for Bögenhafen. We shall see that they are thwarted." The Blightreaper has come to Bögenhafen. A legendary Chaos runesword that has brought death and decay to the mercantile city - if Bögenhafen is to be saved, the Blightreaper must be seized and unmade... if such a task is even possible. Shadows Over Bögenhafen brings new content to Vermintide 2 with the impending destruction of the city of Bögenhafen. The heroes are tasked with investigating the source of the Nurgle infestation slowly consuming the city - starting in the disease-ridden slums The Pit and across the river in the Göttenplatz district. * Two new levels set in Bögenhafen * New cosmetics including hats, skins, and illusions, to be obtained through the New Bögenhafen Strongboxes * New quests and challenges rewarding you with Bögenhafen Strongboxes and portrait frames
Release Date: September 19, 2018

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