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Attack of the Earthlings



Complete the required tasks to unlock each Achievement and Gamerscore.

Complete It's My Birthday And I'll Die If I Want ToA Spanner In The Works
Complete Dead End Job without losing any unitsAced It!
Complete I Purge You To ReconsiderBlood Money
Release the Rogue Motivatio in Dead End JobBreaker of Chains
Complete Dead End JobBreaking and Entering
Kill all the Executives in The Fast And The LuxuriousCutting The Line
Kill 5 enemies with one group attackEfficient Killer
Complete The Fast And The LuxuriousExecutive Dinner
Complete Dead End Job in 21 turns or fewerGalactoil Drift
Complete Serial Drillers From Outer SpaceGettin' Started
Successfully pull off a Group AttackGroup Hug!
Destroy the Blood Samples in Mission : Improbe-ableHaemogonna
Lure an enemy onto a TrapHook, Line and Sinker
... You really didn't achieve muchI Commend Your Enthusiasm But...
One day this will workI Don't Know What I Expected
No one tells Carlos what to doIndependent Thinker
Kill a unit through a wall with Ground PoundKnow Any Knock Knock Jokes?
Kill both Bary and Paul in I Purge You To ReconsiderLeave No Survivors
As DesignedLove Hurts
Move 18 tiles with a single unit in 1 turnMarathon Man
That'll fool 'emMined Games
Free The Matriarch in Mission : Improbe-able without losing a gruntMother Gear Swarmer; Claws of the Matriarch
Deal 200+ DMG with one group attack to a single unitNow You're Just Showing Off
Complete Mission : Improbe-ableRefund Improbe-able
Damage Paul with his own MinesSay Hello To Your Little Friend
Kill the Overseer in It's My Birthday And I'll Die If I Want ToShave The Gorilla
Lure an enemy into the path of Dickinham's Mech during The Fall Of The House Of PeckerSpeed Bump
Complete a mission 10 turns below the target par timeSpeed Runner
Kill another enemy with the Banshee Death ExplosionSuicide Squad
You get what you pay forThat's Rich
Complete Serial Drillers From Outer Space in 11 turns or fewerThe Fast & The Furious
Never question John's sense of dutyThink You're A Big Shot Do Ya?
Complete The Fall Of The House Of Pecker without killing a single enemyYou Absolute Madman
Complete the GameYou're Fired!
Complete The Fall Of The House Of Pecker without any Mutagen UpgradesYou're Pretty Good At This

Contributed By: Similac.