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Monster Jam Steel Titans



Complete the required tasks to unlock each Achievement and Gamerscore.

Place 3rd or better in the Arena Championship SeriesArena Championship Series
Finish an event with a broken tireCan't Stop Me
Find all 50 collectiblesCollector
Unlock all Monster Jam TrucksFull Garage
Break two or more tiresGo Big Or Go Home
Purchase an upgrade part or Monster Jam TruckGone Shopping
Drive for over 100 miles (160.934km)High Miles
Finish a race in first with no panels brokenKeeping It Clean
Place 1st in any race on Steel Titan difficultyLegendary
Jump a distance greater than 237.7 feet (72.42m)Long Jumper
Complete the tutorialNo More Training Wheels
Finish a race without going off trackOn the Right Track
Place 3rd or better in the Outdoor SeriesOutdoor Series
Successfully perform 100 combosShowtime
Finish a race in first with all panels brokenSkeletal Remains
Jump higher than 40 feet (12.19m)Sky High
Reach a speed in excess of 99.1 mph (159.49 km/h)Speed Demon
Place 3rd or better in the Stadium Championship SeriesStadium Championship Series
Hold a Stoppie trick for 75 feet (22.86) or longerStoppie Master
Successfully perform an 11x stunt combo in FreestyleStunt man
Complete a Destruction Combo greater than 35x in Timed DestructionTotal Destruction
Purchase all tier 5 parts on a Monster Jam TruckTricked Out
Hold a Wheelie trick for 150 feet (45.72m) or longerWheelie King
Place 3rd or better in the World Championship SeriesWorld Championship Series

Contributed By: Similac.