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Sniper Elite V2 Remastered



Complete the required tasks to unlock each Achievement and Gamerscore.

The V2 Facility was destroyed and you escaped to safetyApprentice Sniper
You have resuscitated your partner 10 times in Cooperative modeBedpan Commando
10 games of Bombing Run survivedBomb Happy
All Overwatch missions in Cooperative mode completedCan Do!
Sniped a grenade on an enemy's webbing from 100mCooking Off
Snipe killed an enemy through his eyeDeadeye
A career total of 50 shots on explosivesDetonator
2 enemies sniped with a single shotDouble Dose
An enemy killed whilst your shot was masked by a loud soundEar Plugs
Müller was eliminatedExpert Sniper
The V2 rocket was destroyedFeared Sniper
Blowing up the bridge sent the tank into the riverFish Tank
You got a scoped headshot from over 150m awayFront and Center
A tank was destroyed by sniping its fuel supplyFuel Tank
Everyone in the convoy was killed from ground level, except for KreidlGet Off the Ground
Accumulated a marathon distance of sniped killsGo the Distance
All stolen gold bars have been retrievedGold Rush
100 moving targets successfully snipedGung Ho
100 sniped headshots accumulatedHead Honcho
A mission completed without being shot a single timeHide and Hope
The Elite Russian Sniper Team was wiped out from the rooftopsHigh and Mighty
Held your breath for a cumulative half hourIron Lung
The Russian advance was stoppedJourneyman Sniper
Sniped all the hidden bottlesJungle Juice
Made it through the tower to the winch room without being spottedKilroy was Here
Wolff did not escapeLegendary Sniper
A mission completed with 100% accuracy, using only riflesMake Every Bullet Count
Wolff's plan was uncoveredMaster Sniper
A trip mine killed an enemy who was trying to assault your positionMousetrap Fuse
The convoy was stoppedNovice Sniper
Sniped an enemy with a ricochet headshotPass the Buck
100 enemies killed with explosivesPotato Masher
Intel was safely collected from the churchPro Sniper
All the guards in Saint Pierre killed before getting to the church undetectedSecret Service
Accumulated a total shot distance of over 4,000 meters in Saint PierreShoot the Alps
Neudorf Outpost completed without alerting any AISilence is Golden
25 unaware enemies have been killedSilent but Deadly
The execution was stoppedSkilled Sniper
6 smoking soldiers killed on Neudorf OutpostSmoking Kills
All missions completed on Sniper Elite difficultySniper Elite
As a sniper in Overwatch, you've sniped 50 enemies tagged by your partnerTarget Eliminated!
As a spotter in Overwatch, you've tagged 50 enemiesTarget Spotted!
Escaped the German assaultTrainee Sniper
The location of the V2 launch site was discoveredVeteran Sniper
All 5 Snipers watching the meeting point on The Landwehr Canal were eliminated without them spottingWatchmen
506 cumulative sniper killsWorld Record
3 commanders allowed to enter the command centre in The Landwehr Canal, before blowing the doorsYou were only supposed to...

Contributed By: Similac.