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Complete the required tasks to unlock each Achievement and Gamerscore.

Defeat the manifestation of Chaos.Bringer of Peace
Lead your people to build a town with at least 20 houses.Bringer of Prosperity
Defeat 300 enemies while building a town.Destroyer of Legions
Use all of the sun god's special abilities while in knight form.He of Many Talents
Complete a combat level without being damaged.He Who Bears No Scars
Defeat the Knight of Dusk.Herald of Chaos
Strike down the Queen of Ice.Lady of Despair
Strike down the King of Fire.Lord of Embers
Strike down the King of Trees.Lord of Thorns and Amber
Strike down the King of Floods.Lord of Waves and Storms
Strike down the Queen of Bones.Mother of Thirst
Make sure the bonfire is not hit for 7 consecutive enemy waves.Protector of the Flame

Contributed By: Similac.